Where’s Winston?


Well, surprise, surprise. Winston Peters is not playing the game with the media now that he is acting prime minister. We were constantly assured that he would be as docile as a puppy once he had got to be the?prime minister, even though it was only for a short time.

Sorry, but you have got to be kidding. This from?Stuff ?Quote:

The Prime Minister’s Office has taken responsibility for acting PM Winston Peters being late to the AM show on Tuesday Morning.

A statement?confirmed?Peters was told the interview was at?6.50am.

On Tuesday morning, Peters lost his slot on?The AM Show,?after the programme claimed he arrived late for a second time.??The AM Show?says Peters was scheduled to appear?on the show on Tuesday morning?at 6.40am – the time?regularly reserved for the PM. His call time was?6.20am.

When he had not arrived by 6.40am, however, the production pulled him from the schedule, much to host Duncan Garner’s disgust. End quote.

Yes, but this is the second week he has missed the appointment. The AM Show does often ask the hard questions, but Jacinda Ardern has always appeared on time. Winston just doesn’t want to front up. What an awesome prime minister he is turning out to be. Quote:

“We’re going to give you a sleep in for the next few weeks,” the host and former political editor said.?”We do not require you on the programme?because you’re too unreliable, sir. It’s Winston first and not anyone else. That’s our?position for now… we’re going to ask somebody?else if they can front for the Government, somebody?reliable.” End quote.

What is it Oscar Wilde said? Once is forgivable. Twice is pure negligence.

We all know Winston is playing games. He always does, and nobody is surprised. But, the thing is that he is the prime minister, for now. If he doesn’t realise he can’t play games with the top job in the country, then we have all overestimated his regard for the top job. We all thought he wanted this, and that he would behave, and do a good job.

Who were we kidding? Quote:

“Peters arrived at?6.43 am?believing he was early, but was told he was supposed to go on air at?6.40am?and was too late,” a statement from the Prime Minister’s office said.
“The show’s producers refused to have him on even though he was with the?Newshub?crew and ready to go on air.??Newshub?apparently insists on its guests – even prime minister Jacinda Ardern – arriving at least 20 minutes early for the show.” End quote.
The Prime Minister’s Office is trying to cover up for him, and failing miserably. If the rule is that he arrives 20 minutes early, then turning up at 6.43 for an interview at 6.50 (supposedly) means he was already very late. Winston is well aware of all this. After all, Jacinda Ardern managed to make just about all of her regular weekly interviews, and, as acting prime minister, the very least Winston could do was respect her government and do the same.
But, we all know Winston, don’t we? Quote:

On the?AM Show, co-host Amanda Gillies called on Grant Robertson to take Peters’ place on the show.

“He has this one job, every week. It was agreed to. I just think it’s insulting and it’s actually rude. If you don’t want to do it say no, we’ll fill it with someone else… If Jacinda Ardern can turn up here at 39 weeks pregnant then he can turn up here. Sorry.”

Sports anchor Mark Richardson agreed.

“It’s unacceptable in this day and age to have a Prime Minister who is disrespectful to the good people of this country.”

Earlier Garner said Peters needed?to take appearing on the show seriously. End quote.

I agree. Winston is disrespecting us all. But, seriously?? did anyone really expect anything different from him? We all know he had taken us for fools. He is just proving it, over and over again.