Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Breaking news just in from the intellegentia at Climate Nexus

Global warming became climate change because it wasn’t warming and now we learn that climate change causes global warming which causes climate change which causes global warming.

It is a runaway n-dimensional infinite feedback loop – we’re doomed Cap’n Mainwaring!

Can these people possibly get any stupider?

Way back when the wheels started to fall off the global warming bandwagon, on the grounds that there really was no warming in spite of continued increases in atmospheric CO2, the high priests of the AGW crowd had some private email discussions which were given to the world in the Climategate release from the University of East Anglia.

Nick at the Minns/Tyndall Centre that handled publicity for the climate story said,

?In my experience, global warming freezing is already a bit of a public relations problem with the media.?

Swedish climate expert on the IPCC Bo Kjellen replied,

?I agree with Nick that climate change might be a better labelling than global warming.?

Suddenly all we heard about was ‘climate change’ as the warming was not cooperating and ‘change’ is so wonderfully ill-defined.???People that were supposed to know about this stuff made innocuous statements sound menacing.

Many people noticed the change but did not put much store on it; it was still about global warming because CO2 had to remain the bogeyman, but now change was the all-important descriptor. Promoters of AGW filled the media with stories of change but carefully did not mention that it was weather, not the climate that was changing or that the changes were all natural and well within natural variability. It resonated because people could see the pictures of the floods and tornadoes on the nightly news so it must be bad.

The climate change has now got so bad that it is causing global warming.

We have gone full circle in stupidity.