Whinging unionists are overpaid and take too many sickies

The Taxpayers? Union has been pushing back against whinging from public sector unions. From?their new report:

  • The gap in weekly earnings between the public and private sectors has grown since 1990, from 18.9% of private sector earnings to 34.6% in 2017. The gap peaked in 2010 at 38.4%. The premium is even higher for hourly earnings (as public sector employees, on average, work fewer hours).
  • If the Government had retained a public sector earnings premium of 20%, taxpayers would save $2.5 billion per year, or $1,445 per household in lower taxes or reduced Government debt.

How much bigger will this pay gap get after three years of industrial action against a soft-bellied left-wing government?

The Government proved itself piss-poor at negotiations by immediately offering a fat pay package for nurses, who are now asking for even more. So it?s no wonder the PSA?is trying to get a taste of the gravy.

At least policy advisors at MBIE won?t receive the same public sympathy as nurses. Chris Hipkins (State Services Minister) would get popular credit for telling the PSA to shove off, but if his shilling for the teacher unions is any clue, we can expect more favours for his union mates.

  • The public sector took an average of 8.6 and 8.4 days of sick leave in 2016 and 2017, compared to the private sector average of 4.7 days per year.
  • If the public sector reduced its rates of sick leave to private sector levels, the taxpayers would save $173 million per year, or approximately $100 per household per year in lower taxes, or reduced Government debt.

Taxpayer-funded sickies ? just plain laziness in the public sector.