Why do Labour ministers feel the need to man-handle Judith Collins?

We hear about how dreadful some unnamed National party MP was in parliament supposedly calling Jacinda Ardern a “silly little girl”.

MPs have been pulled up by Speaker Trevor Mallard for saying sexist things as well.

When John Key was PM a whole bunch of virtue signalling MPs walked out because apparently he said something sexist.

Don’t forget the fuss over John Key and a pony-tail, with calls for his resignation, for unwanted touching of a female.? ?

But I have been noticing a strange phenomenon over recent months. Labour ministers man-handling Judith Collins.

Phil Twyford is the worst offender. In the image above he is manhandling Collins in January 2018. He has done more, and on May 11 Judith Collins had finally had enough and actually said something about him keeping his hands to himself.

In the last two weeks Phil Twyford has been in the dog box and so Labour sent along two other ministers to fill in for Twyford.

Two weeks ago it was Stuart Nash:

Judith even told Stuart to keep his hands to himself.

And this week it was Willie Jackson:

Why do these male ministers feel the need to paw Judith Collins?

It seems rather creepy, condescending and unnecessary. Are they doing it?to try and put her down and in her place. She’s a strong woman, are they threatened by her and feel the need to keep her down or under control with such a paternalistic action?

Willie Jackson’s was really creepy, as he kept his hand on the chair behind for quite some time after initially touching her shoulder. That is very manipulative and controlling.

This sort of behaviour seems endemic in Labour, why do they feel the need to touch a woman MP?

The one thing missing is the howls of outrage from the sisterhood. Where is Ali Mau?

Labour ministers should stop touching Judith Collins.