Why have a new ministry when you won’t even accept their advice?

No one knows more about housing than former charity worker Phil Twyford. He’s good, just ask him.

He’s even said that even though his new super-ministry of housing (which will apparently solve the housing crisis) is being created he won’t listen to their advice if he doesn’t agree with it: Quote:

The minister establishing a new housing ministry may not consider its advice if it doesn’t suit his policy settings.?

Housing and Urban Development Minister Phil Twyford announced the?Ministry of Housing and Urban Development with a view to?providing advice on?KiwiBuild on Friday.

The ministry will be dedicated to advising?the Government on policy and its plans to make homes more affordable and reduce homelessness. It had no targets?yet, Twyford said.

When asked if he would commit to considering all advice the new ministry brought to him, even if he did not agree with it, Twyford said advice from officials to politicians?was “just?that”.?

“They’re not decisions. We [politicians] are elected to make the decisions. Sometimes you agree, sometimes you disagree.” End quote.

The hubris continues. Phil Twyford knows best. That’s why he is being called FIGJAM.?Quote:

Phil Twyford is a political disaster waiting to happen. He is almost certainly being kept on to make Clare Curran look good.