Why our nuclear family structure is under threat


Did anyone else find it odd that the Labour leader Jacinda Ardern conducted her election campaign last year in schools and pre-schools, where the only ones who vote are the teachers? Children, as a rule, are not at all interested in politics.

At the time, considering her lack of experience in politics, in business, in life generally, I assumed that it was because she wanted to be in surroundings where she could avoid difficult questions. Having given it further thought, I feel that there may be more to it, something to do with ‘the guiding hand’ in the background.

Casting my mind back a few years, I remembered an older friend telling me about the feminist meetings that she attended years ago, in the 1970s. Not because she was a feminist, but because she and her husband were very concerned about the tone of the discussions being held. These meetings were very anti-male and she recalled an outcry when a woman brought along her baby son. He wasn’t wanted in the room because he was a male!

The extreme feminist group was called the Socialist Action League. The decision was made to merge with the New Zealand Labour party in order to give them a stronger voice and three of the members were to become well-known members of Parliament: Helen, who was New Zealand’s second female PM, Margaret who was a slightly better Speaker than the present one, and Marilyn who (for some reason) joined the National party.

A comment from Helen Clark at one of the meetings, that my friend has always remembered, was that ‘We (the left) will infiltrate the education system’? (to give us more control in the future).

This is also in line with John Tamihere’s observation in 2005 that the women in the Labour party were plotting up to thirty, and more, years ahead.? Does anyone else find it rather scary?

But, wait, there is more …

My older friend gave me a booklet, printed by the Socialist Action League, which contained their submission to the 1974 Parliamentary Select Committee on Women’s Rights. Quote:

Today’s feminist movement goes far beyond it’s predecessor in it’s demands. While it continues for equality – in pay, opportunity etc – there is a much deeper understanding that women can only be emancipated through deep going social changes, which remove from individual women the responsibility for child-rearing and domestic work, placing this on society as a whole, and giving women full control over their reproductive lives[…]?End of quote.

Here are some suggestions from a speech explaining the Socialist Action League submission. Quote:

The family institution is a repressive and conservatising structure that reproduces within itself the hierarchal, authoritarian relationships necessary to the maintenance of class society as a whole. It fosters the possessive, competitive and aggressive attitudes necessary to the perpetuation of class divisions. It moulds the behaviour and character structure of children from infancy and throughout adolescence, disciplining them and teaching submission to established authority. The family represses sexuality, discouraging all sexual activity which is not within marriage. It distorts all human relationships by imposing on them the framework of economic compulsion, social dependence and sexual repression.[…]

Our goal must be to create economic and social institutions that are superior to the present family institution and better able to provide for the needs which are currently met, however poorly, by the family. In this way we can ensure that personal relationships will be a matter of free choice and not economic compulsion […]

The rearing, social welfare and education of children should become the responsibility of society, rather than individual parents, upon whose limited resources all the burdens presently fall.? All laws enforcing individual ownership of children should be abolished […]

Freedom from domestic slavery.[…] The government should provide the finance for free child-care centres, open to all children from early infancy for 24 hours a day’.? Also,? […] The government should systematically develop low-cost, high quality social services such as take-home food and cafeteria services available to all, and collective laundry services […] End of quote.

So, with that sort of thinking in the background, is it any wonder that our nuclear family structure is under threat? Is it any surprise that we have so many people in our country who are financially and emotionally dependent on the state? We could all be wafting around with no responsibility in our lives, our children could be growing up with no boundaries and lots of fairy dust. How does that appeal?? I can only suggest that people who held those beliefs so strongly had no understanding of real life and consequences.


?The Blonde?