Why Simon? No one cares except liberal elites

Simon Bridges has announced he is willing to work with the government on climate change.

He’s confirmed what many have suspected for a long time, that he is as wet as an Amy Adams puddle. The NZ Herald reports: Quote:

National leader Simon Bridges has written to the Government offering to work with it on establishing an independent climate change commission.

Climate Change Minister James Shaw earlier this month launched consultation on the Government’s Zero Carbon Bill, which would establish an independent climate change commission tasked with providing advice and holding governments to account for progress on climate change issues.

Speaking at Fieldays at Mystery Creek today, Bridges said he had written to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Shaw offering to work with them on the commission.

“Long-lasting change requires broad and enduring support, so I want to work with the Government to make meaningful bipartisan progress on climate change.

“This will be challenging and require compromises on both sides. But the prize is too great not to try, and the consequences on our economy, jobs and the environment are too serious if we don’t do so responsibly,” he said.

“I am confident that we can work constructively together to establish an enduring non-political framework for all future governments when considering climate change issues.”

Bridges said National wanted sensible and practical solutions, not “extreme policies that would damage the economy and unnecessarily drive up costs for Kiwi households”. End quote.

What. A. Dick. He should give David Farrar a call and see where in the list of things that concern voters climate change comes. My bet is that it isn’t even in the top ten. Quote:

In his speech, Bridges said the lack of mitigation options for farmers meant the only likely behaviour change would be the culling of herds.

He was optimistic about the sector’s ability to become less carbon intensive in future and called for the Government to work with it to develop practices and technology to improve its environmental footprint.?End quote.

Precisely what the Greens want.

Climate change is a fraud, perpetrated on us by troughing and corrupt scientists. Not a single prediction, model or claim about the catastrophe that awaits us if we do nothing has ever come true, nor is it ever likely to. We are hobbling our economy by pandering to this nonsense.

National is a waste of space if they are going to continue to push the climate change agenda.

Simon Bridges has been hiding ever since he became the leader, and this is his best shot?