The real reason why women don’t ride

I really don’t understand why anyone reads The Guardian. Apart from writing a lot of leftist drivel, it also writes some of the most stupid articles you will ever read.?Here?is the latest in a long line of crass stupidity. It claims ‘Women shun cycling because of safety, not helmet hair’.

Of course, it is helmet hair. No self-respecting woman wants to sit in the office all day with their hair flattened by a helmet. It isn’t the only reason I don’t cycle personally, but it is definitely one of them. Quote:

As a woman who cycles, I am often asked why so few others follow suit. Is it because of helmet hair? Or the bottom-amplifying effects of Lycra? There?s no doubt that women generally feel more pressure to look presentable than men. And although I?m rarely troubled by saddle sores, I find the logistics of cycling to work a right pain in the bum: the skanky showers, the outfit changes, the struggle to find somewhere discreet to plug in a hairdryer. End quote.

You see? I told you it was because of helmet hair. If you drive a car, there is no need for a shower and a hairdryer when you get to work. The reason more women don’t cycle is straight out vanity, and that is all.

But wait until you see how she justifies her position. Quote:

The main reason most women don?t cycle in the United Kingdom is because they think it is dangerous. You can tell them until the cows come home that the roads are statistically safe, and that you are?more likely to be killed?walking than on a bicycle. But when they sit on the top deck of a bus and look down to see a cyclist squashed up against the kerb they feel no compulsion whatsoever to join them. Women do seem to be more vulnerable, perhaps because they are often more reluctant to ?own? the lane and so end up in the gutter:?10?out of 13 cyclists killed in London in 2009 were women, and eight of them were killed by?left-turning HGVs, according to the campaign group Cycling UK. End quote.

Yes, cycling can be very dangerous, but that can also often depend on the road behaviour of a cyclist. And I’m not saying women are worse at this, because, in my opinion, most cyclists on the road do not know how to behave properly or safely. Quote:

Xavier Brice, at Sustrans, believes city planners are to blame. ?Fifty-one per cent of the United Kingdom population is female, yet most of our cities are failing to design roads and streets for women to cycle,? he says. It cannot help that women remain under-represented among the transport planners and engineers who design our streets. And most council leaders, who decide how to spend the transport budget, are men. End quote.

Ah! Here we have it. Roads are designed by men, so they are less safe for women! Of course! It is so obvious when you think about it! If there were more women planners and engineers, there wouldn’t be a problem. What a load of absolute rubbish. No one is stopping women from doing engineering or town planning. Quote:

Take Manchester, which has been ruled?for more than 20 years?by Richard Leese, the council leader. He cycles but was always lukewarm on segregated cycle lanes, say local campaigners. His view, they say, was that smoother tarmac was the answer: if only they could find the cash to fill in all the potholes then more people would saddle up. When new infrastructure was proposed he was against it if it threatened traffic flows. End quote.

So… what we are now saying is that segregated cycle lanes will make cycling safer for women. How exactly will that work? Is this all part of the Islamification of Britain? Tell you what, if you try cycling in a burqa, you’ll be pretty unsafe.

So, what I have taken from this article is that roads designed by men are killing women (the sub-headline of the article actually says so), that women will be safer on women only cycle lanes because male cyclists make women cyclists less safe (although we are never told why this might be), and if we had more women engineers and town planners, the world would be saved. I would also be interested to know what a road designed by a woman would look like. How exactly would it make women cyclists safer? It wouldn’t, of course. It is just more feminist claptrap.

But the truth is, women don’t cycle because of helmet hair. Everyone knows that is the real reason women don’t want to cycle. But nobody wants to admit it.