Winston kills off Little’s ill-conceived three strike reform

Andrew Little has shown the folly of forging forward without checking whether or not he had the numbers to pass his laws. Worse still, he didn’t ever bother checking with Winston Peters: Quote:

Justice Minister Andrew Little said NZ First had?indicated it would not support the repeal of the law, aimed at tougher and longer prison sentences for serious offenders, and so the proposed repeal would not go to Cabinet.

The planned repeal was supposed to be the first in a raft of widespread law and order reforms, in an effort to overhaul the criminal?justice system and reduce the prison population by 30 per cent in 15 years.

But Labour had failed to get past the first hurdle.

Little said he acknowledged NZ First had?concerns about the repeal. End quote.

Not just NZ First but a good chunk of Labour voters too. Quote:

“The strength of this coalition is that change only occurs with the support of all three parties,” he said.

“Further work on a balanced reform package for a more effective criminal justice system that make our communities safer will be considered by the independent advisory panel to be appointed shortly, and progressed in August at the Criminal Justice Summit,” he said.

“We are committed to a meaningful and balanced programme of change and we will be consulting our coalition partners and the public on this over the coming months.

“The reality is that the justice system is not working and we need to make changes to make our communities safer.”

Little first?announced the?controversial law would be repealed?in November last year.

At the time?Little said the law had not reduced crime rates and?failed to act as an effective deterrent.

Little stands embarrassed as of today. This is nothing short of inept political management by Andrew Little.?End quote.

Sensible journalists would be asking Little when he first contacted NZ First regarding support for this bill.

No wonder he pulled the reform before cabinet met this morning. He knew he was going to get a right good spanking. He needed to pull the reform because it needed to be sorted before Jacinda Ardern took off to have her sprog. There is no way Winston Peters was going to want to answer questions on this idiocy at Question Time.

After Andrew Little, the person most upset by this back-track from Little will be David Farrar, who I understand has 190 pre-loaded profile posts on second strikers which can now no longer be used.

While Andrew Little may look like a fool, Winston Peters and his canny political nose have made him look principled.