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pococurante (adj) – Indifferent; apathetic.

(noun) – One who does not care.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The English noun and adjective pococurante is a straightforward borrowing from Italian, even retaining its Italian pronunciation. Pococurante in both languages means ?caring little, indifferent.? The first element poco in Italian is an indefinite adjective and adverb meaning ?little, a little,? descended from the Latin adjective paucus ?few? (the Latin adjective is related to Gothic fawai, Old English f?awe, and Middle English fewe, all plural adjectives of indefinite quantity meaning ?few?). The Italian adjective curante is the present participle of the verb curare (the Latin forms are c?rant- and c?r?re) “to watch over, look after, cure.? The Latin verb is a derivative of the noun c?ra ?worry, concern, object of care,? of unknown etymology. Pococurante entered English in the 18th century.