Workers of Whaleoil

How well do you know our wonderful Whaleoil workers?

Can you match the Whaleoil worker to the photo of their Whaleoil workplace?

We have 30+ workers at Whaleoil so for every post I will give you four possibilities to choose from.

You will also be given a clue.

Yesterday?s?wonderful Whaleoil worker was B) EagleEyesNZ

Whaleoil office


This is my setup – it’s a “lean back” environment (on the couch) when I’m perusing Whaleoil, so it’s pretty relaxed around here.
The 81mm HE mortar crates are my coffee table and the grenade is not real.

I like guns and weapons, which might be a bit hard to tell from the pic. But, I live in a rental at the moment so there’s not much on the walls or out on display.
I think I’m one of the longest-serving WO volunteers, but I don’t do a heck of a lot. Generally, you won’t even know?I’m around most of the time.

A) TaurangaGirl

B) Woody

C) EveryWhichWayButLeft

D) BuzzEBee