Wrong response Simon, wrong response

Simon Bridges has responded to Winston Peters’ legal case against those who he believes breached his privacy: Quote:

The National Party has hit out at New Zealand First leader Winson Peters’ lawsuit against two top public servants, saying he’s putting personal vendettas ahead of the country.


National Party leader Simon Bridges said it was a strange and misguided move from Mr Peters.

“His very first act is to sue his own government and the most senior civil servant in the land,” he said.

“He should be focused on doing a good job for New Zealanders, not on his own personal vendettas.” End quote.

I would have thought that Simon Bridges, being a lawyer himself, would have realised that he has to sue the Attorney General as the person responsible for ministries. If it had been a National government it would have been Chris Finlayson, the man who prepared all of National’s affidavits. That is the proper and legal process. As for comments regarding a personal vendetta: well, this whole tawdry saga came about from a personal vendetta that has been running for decades against Winston Peters from Bill English, the man who seconded the motion to chuck him out of caucus.

Simon Bridges had a chance, a slim chance, but a chance nonetheless, to distance himself from the toxic legacy of John Key and Bill English. If he chucked Paula Bennett under the bus then that would go a long way to repairing any chance of communication with NZ First and thereby deliver a path to victory in the next election. Instead he decided to throw poo.

Perhaps if he had seen the affidavits of all parties, including Bill English’s, then he might revise his position. It is those affidavits that have clarified who was to be sued, and it won’t go at all well for Paula Bennett especially.

Bridges failed on this one. There is still a chance to resurrect things but I’m not holding much hope for Bridges that he will come to his senses.

If he wants to continue the jihad against Winston then it will be on his head. His leadership is never going to be secure while he is chained to the boat anchor that is Paula Bennett.