Yet again a cowardly judge goes easy on a convicted murderer

A seasoned thug was afforded leniency by Justice Muir when sentenced for the murder of his 22-year-old partner.? Quote.

Tai killed his partner Chozyn Koroheke with a shotgun burst at close range – no more than 50cm away – on a rainy April 4 night in Pakuranga Heights last year.

Justice Muir said it was a sad indictment on New Zealand society and its shocking domestic violence record that the “circumstances [Koroheke] found herself in were far from unique”.? End of quote.

Turiarangi Tai posing with a pistol two months before Chozyn Koroheke was murdered. Photos / Crown exhibit

If the judge knows this behaviour is not an isolated incident, why didn’t he send a strong message to other thugs about the penalty for beating and killing? Weak sentences are a licence for them to continue their dirty work.Quote.

The judge described Turiarangi Tai as a recidivist “seasoned” violent offender and “cowardly thug”.

The judge considered sending Tai to prison without the possibility of parole, which would have been the first instance of its kind for an offender with two strikes in New Zealand’s legal history, the court heard. End of quote.

So why not make history and provide justice for the murdered woman’s family and her two young children?? But no, Tai is given the option of parole in 17 years.? Once again victims are left out in the cold.

What more does this criminal have to do to receive a sentence that reflects the full extent of the law?? Quote.

However, he gave Tai a minimum period of imprisonment of 17 years. Tai will be 40 by the time he can seek parole.

Justice Muir called Tai a recidivist “seasoned” violent offender and “cowardly thug” and said it may take a “personal epiphany” if he is to reform behind bars.? End of quote.

Little hope of reform for this hardened, evil man, and no remorse from him right up to his sentencing.? Quote.

[Tai] said he showed no murderous intent and claimed the gun had discharged accidentally.

Tai, who has a long history of violent offending, maintains his position that it was an accidental death, the court heard today.? End of quote.

Little hope for any change in behaviour from Tai or others following in his footsteps. In 17 years time, we can welcome an even more hardened criminal back to torture and possibly kill other young women.

Victims are victims twice over in our current legal system.? First when they are raped, maimed or killed and again when their attackers are penalised by a smack over the back of the hand with a wet bus ticket.