Yet another controversial claim from Imam Mohammad Anwar Sahib

The most recent video from disgraced Imam Mohammad Anwar Sahib reveals what he believes about Shia Muslims in Syria. He preaches that they believe that they have to kill other Muslims to go to Jannah (heaven). He also doesn’t believe that they are ‘true’ Muslims because?of this belief.

From 2:38 in the Facebook?video he says Quote:

“….We know the ruler, Assad, and how he’s one of the Shia from the [?]. Their belief is that they have to kill all the Muslims to go to Jannah. They can’t be a Shia without this belief. And that’s what they are trying to do, as you know, in the name of Islam. They call themselves Muslim. How can you be a Muslim when your belief is to kill all the Muslims to go to Jannah?…” End of quote.

I can only wonder what the Shia Muslim leaders invited to the Counties Manukau Police non-diverse ‘diversity dinner’ along with Sahib would think about his statement.

Perhaps the Islamic Ahlul Bayt Foundation of New Zealand would like to respond to his statement? Members of their organisation, a group of approximately 20 Shia Muslims supported the?designated terror entity?Hezbollah in Auckland on Friday. They were not shy to publically show?their support for a violent, bloodthirsty terrorist organisation.

Shadow Attorney-General Chris Finlayson has condemned the Shia group’s actions saying that he is appalled at the open support for a terrorist organisation. He pointed out that they are the same group who posted a video on Youtube in which an Iranian official denied the Holocaust and in which others were shown calling for the destruction of Israel.

I am sure that the Ahmadiyya Muslim community would also like to comment on Sahib’s claim about Shia Muslims?given how members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community are slaughtered by other Muslims all over the world and have been excluded from FIANZ here in New Zealand who have demonstrated complete intolerance by refusing to recognise them as ‘true’ Muslims.

Considering that Imam Mohammad Anwar Sahib used be a secretary of FIANZ perhaps they will exclude Shia Muslims next?

Imam Mohammad Anwar Sahib has now been revealed in three different videos by Whaleoil to say the following things:

  1. Women shouldn?t leave the house without their husband?s permission.
  2. Jews are the enemy.
  3. You can’t be a Shia Muslim unless you believe in killing other Muslims to get to Jannah.

Despite his hateful and intolerant views, he was warmly welcomed to the ‘diversity dinner’ by representatives from the New Zealand Police and by Mr Rakesh Naidoo, who is a New Zealand Police Inspector on secondment to the?Human Rights Commision.

Mr Rakesh Naidoo travelled with Dame Susan Devoy to Geneva in August 2017 to present the Human Rights Commission’s submission to the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The submission recommended that the UN urge the New Zealand Government to create a new criminal offence for “disharmonious speech targeted at the religion and beliefs of ethnic minority communities”. The effect arguably as we have already written about on this blog would have been to create a new crime of blasphemy against Islam.?

Given the hostility between the different?sects of Islam which have been imported to our shores, I wonder if the Human Rights Commission have considered that Muslim sects will use the blasphemy law to silence other sects. Imam Mohammad Anwar Sahib’s claim about Shia Muslims could easily be labelled as hate speech under the new proposed law.