A beneficiary by any other name is just as poor

The same applies to the fuss being made on Stuff about transgender beneficiaries being called by the wrong name. quote:

Work and Income has apologised after sending out […] letters to people using out-of-date?names.

The?letters, about the new Winter Energy Payment, were sent?to people using the individuals’?birth?names?rather than by their new names.[…]

Palmerston North transgender man […] said he legally changed his name in August 2013, and Work and Income had?used it correctly since.

“I?got a letter on the 30th with the right name. And then the letter today with my dead name. So it?literally?happened over night,” he said.

“I?opened it up and instantly saw my old name, my heart sunk. There it was at the top of the page all in capitals, the dreaded name I fought so hard to change and leave behind.” end of quote.


It was an accident and accidents happen. First world problems. Quote:

[…] an advocate for the transgender community, received a letter with a name she hadn’t legally used in 13 years. She has had two name-changes since.
“For me I am not finding it particularly stressful, but for transgender people?being dead-named in their letters it is not very nice at all. ?. . . It’s a big failure on their system. End of quote.

Dead-named? What a silly term. No one is dead. A big failure is not getting paid the benefit when you have rent to pay, not getting a name wrong.?Quote.

“It also means the letters being delivered to them in shared accommodation is outing them to people who didn’t otherwise know they were transgender.”End of quote.

Transgender people should not kid themselves. Everyone knows when you are transgender. Everyone. You do not need to tell people because they already know. Unless you are very wealthy and can afford extensive plastic surgery on your face, most people can usually tell.

Just because people are kind and go along with a transgender person’s pronouns doesn’t mean that they haven’t noticed that something is not quite right. The voice, the Adam’s apple (or lack of it) the hips, the bone structure of the face etc. A person can change their name and can identify as another gender but in truth, the reality is difficult to completely erase and hide.

The reason why receiving those letters was difficult and upsetting is because it was reality slapping them in the face when they would much rather be wrapped up in a comfortable delusion.