A curfew for men

The world has gone completely mad. I seem to say that a lot these days. Men, particularly white men, are blamed for everything by feminists who should use their education to write things that make sense. But no. In the latest in a long line of feminist garbage that has been sprouted, this new idea is the most stupid I have come across by a long way. Yes, you read it right. A curfew for men.

The Sydney Morning Herald?which should know better writes: Quote:

Gretel Lamont’s recent letter in these pages “No men allowed out after dark”? What a Totally. Awesome. Idea. I have, quite genuinely, been racking?my brain as to what we can realistically do to ensure women?s safety after dark.

Demanding safe passage at all hours, regardless of where we are, what we?re wearing or our blood-alcohol level is all very well but that is never going to happen, no matter how much ?education? there is. There are always going to be random Evil Dudes out there.

So how do we shift responsibility for women?s safety from the victims to the perpetrators?

Adding her bit to the debate ? and in response to the suggestion from yet another letter-writer that women shouldn?t walk alone at night ? Ms Lamont came up with perhaps the most practical and efficient solution yet. A curfew on men. Genius. End quote.

Where do I start?

No policemen on the night shift. No ambulance drivers, unless they are women. No security people at nightclubs and other venues. No roadworks at night when there is no traffic. No taxi or Uber drivers to get you home safely, unless they are women. No sewage workers, delivery drivers, rubbish collectors and recyclers. These are mostly men, and men are all evil, so they have to be treated like criminals.

What if I want to go out for dinner and a movie with my male partner? No, no – she’s got that covered. Quote:

There are a number of options. One is simply to ban all men from being on the streets or on public transport after, say, 9.30pm (10.30pm daylight saving). Which is effectively the restriction currently placed on women. End quote.

Rubbish. But anyway: Quote:

But how about when I want to, say, go out and have dinner or a few drinks with male friends? Well, right now, at the conclusion of an evening?s festivities one or more of my male companions see me safely into a taxi. But under the new regime any?men?out after dark would have to be accompanied by a responsible female, and escorted in person to appropriate transport. It?s completely do-able. I can attest to it. I?ve been doing it for decades.

Same rules for any chap who works nights. End quote.

So a policeman working nights can do his job, so long as he is accompanied by a ‘responsible’ woman? Ditto a road worker? A security guard? An ambulance driver won’t be able to go to a road accident because there isn’t a ‘responsible’ female driver available? A doctor won’t be able to attend either? Has the writer of this article, Melinda Houston, or the originator of the idea, Gretel Lamont, actually thought this through and they STILL think it is a good idea?

Good lord. Words fail me. This is satire, right? Trouble is, it MAY be satire, but so many stupid things are said these days that I am never sure. But, on balance, I don’t think it is satire. I think it is serious.

Because the essence of the complaint is that men are the perpetrators of violence on women but men are also a woman’s best line of defence if she gets into trouble. Going out with a man or a group of men makes it less likely you will be attacked. Men will come to the defence of women in situations where they are at risk. Some men may attack women, but far more men will defend women.

So, is it likely therefore that the rapists are going to take any notice of a curfew? Of course not. Only decent men will do that. So, by forcing decent men to stay home, women are much more at risk than they were before.

This article is not about the safety of women. It is just another put down for men. All men after dark have to be accompanied by a ‘responsible’ female. Even if they are Navy Seals or members of the SAS?

Then again, here is another way of looking at the problem that is feminism.

There is another way of solving the problem, but the feminists won’t like it. How about a?curfew for Africans in Melbourne, given the disproportionate rate of violent crime committed by African males and females in the city? How about a curfew for Muslims, who think women who dress in Western clothes and drink alcohol are ‘asking for it’? Of course, it will never work. Everyone, including the feminists, will just scream “Racist” and we will be back to where we started.

Sometimes, ladies, it is worth remembering that the ones to fear are the ones that seem to be on your side:

Credit: Stonecross. Supplied by: Lushington Brady

After all, how many male feminists have been accused of sexual assault, rape or worse?

Nah… let’s get out the pussy hats and scream that all men are rapist pigs. That’s much easier.