A Deputy police commissioner who once had political aspirations


The recent appointment of Wally Haumaha as Deputy Commissioner of Police has caused some ripples, and Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters has announced an inquiry into how he was appointed.

Part of the reason for the concern is that Wally spoke out in support of his mates Clint Rickard, Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum, saying they were good men and he stood by them. It?s never a good look for Police to publicly support mates that have been convicted of rape, as Shipton and Schollum had been at the time.

In response to that allegation, Wally had this to say: Quote:

[?] “In the 14 years since those comments, and particularly through the changes following the 2007 Commission of Inquiry, I have reflected deeply and often on what it means to live the values that New Zealanders rightly expect from their police.” [?]
[?] His previous association with Rickard, Shipton and Schollum did not reflect who he was now nor what police now stood for, he said.
“The culture of NZ Police has changed for the better in recent years as a result of the Inquiry and an ongoing commitment to our values, but there is still more work to do.[?]? End of quote.

I guess we have to take him at his word on that.

What is also of concern about his appointment, is that Wally Haumaha once aspired to be a politician.

Back in 2005, Wally was preparing to stand as the New Zealand First candidate for the Rotorua electorate. This didn?t eventuate at the time because his wife had a gambling problem and was convicted of fraud. As a result, he took some time out to support his wife and family, his political career stalled and he never ran as a candidate that year.

But it begs the question, why has the Prime Minister of a government, which is a coalition of Labour and New Zealand First, appointed a Deputy Commissioner of Police that once had political aspirations to be a New Zealand First party candidate? Does Wally’s appointment fit the soft on crime agenda from Andrew Little and the current government?

Winston has said Quote:

[?]”Cabinet will consider the matter on Monday to determine the specific details of the inquiry and its terms of reference,”[?]? End of quote.

Let?s hope Wally?s political leanings are included in the terms of reference.