A minister for rainbows


Newshub?reports: Quote:

Labour MP Tamati Coffey says Parliament should consider introducing a Minister responsible for rainbow issues.

“I personally think that we need a Minister in Government that’s actually in charge of rainbow issues,” he said during a Facebook Live interview with Newshub Nation.

“In Canada I know they’ve got a Minister that’s in charge of I think it’s diversity and equity and equality, and I think that’s something we could absolutely do with someone in that kind of role down here in Wellington.” End quote.

I guess he is putting his hand up for the job. But, of course, he is not the only member of the rainbow community in parliament these days. Still, you can’t help but wonder if he sees this as his best chance to grab a ministerial portfolio. Don’t give up your day job Tamati.

And Canada. With Justin Trudeau in charge, nothing would surprise me. Although, a quick search of ministers of the Canadian government revealed no such portfolio. I admit I have not done extensive research though. Quote:

Mr Coffey said he has “so much faith” in the next generation to make life easier for the rainbow community, with society finally beginning to normalise what it means to be lesbian, gay, intersex, bisexual and transgender. End quote.

Here is an area where I always get confused. Labour, and the left ? in general, always promote diversity, such as improvements in the acceptance of gays and transgender people. They also promote significant immigration from countries that routinely throw gays off buildings. So, does their rainbow thinking go so far as to believe that, when all these Muslims arrive here, they will suddenly have a metamorphic change in their way of thinking and will they suddenly embrace gays with open arms? Or, will they still throw them off buildings? The metamorphosis hasn’t happened in Europe so far. Quote:

“We’ve moved as a society into a place where actually being gay is not a terrible thing, it’s not illegal anymore, actually you can be the person you want to be and if you want to have a family you just need to make it happen.” End quote.

More rainbows. He’s obviously the perfect person for this job. Being gay hasn’t been illegal for some time.?Quote:

Mr Coffey said New Zealand has some real race issues that need to be dealt with.

“We’ve come so far, I have so much faith in the next generation to wipe clear some of this Hobson’s Pledge stuff that I see around the place, which I think is a backwards step.” End quote.

Funny. We all have to make the effort to understand what it is that makes gays tick, and be tolerant to them if they want to have children, and be understanding of all things Maori, but he can’t be bothered to actually study what Hobson’s Pledge is all about? Why am I not surprised? Quote:

He started learning to speak Te Reo M?ori?while at university and believes it should be compulsory in New Zealand schools. End quote.

Again. He has started to learn it, so everyone should. Maybe we should make electrical engineering compulsory too? Lots of people studied that at university. Somehow, I don’t think Tamati did though.

It seems to me that gay people are becoming more and more mainstream, and that is a good thing. Yes, there are issues with transgender people, but they make up an absolutely minute proportion of the population, and with their constant issues around the question of toilets they bring a lot of the scorn upon themselves. I consider a ministry for rainbows to be about as valuable as the ministry for women. In other words, it would be a complete and total waste of public money. But, that is not to say that it will never happen. If Tamati pushes hard enough for it, this may be his road to his first ministerial warrant. Let’s face it, stranger things have happened.