A primer for NZ politicians: The truth about Lauren Southern

Book cover: Credit Whaleoil

The radio interview with new Conservative Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei above goes a long way to explaining why Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters, ACT Leader David Seymour and National Leader Simon Bridges are so misinformed about Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux.

All three of them made it clear that they support freedom of speech (although Simon Bridges supported Phil Goff’s possibly illegal decision to take away their access to council venues) and all three of them also made it clear that they think the pair’s views are unacceptable.

Winston said that “What they might have to say is a very antithesis of what nearly all of us believe here.

David Seymour described them as being “Nuttier than squirrel poo.”

Simon Bridges said, “I disagree strongly with what these activists are saying.”

So, what is Lauren, in particular, actually saying? I am referring to the truth, not the defamatory garbage that was spewed by Radio Live?s Wendyl Nissen who told outright lies, including the claim that they have both denied the holocaust!

Lauren Southern is an activist journalist who headed a team of dedicated volunteers who produced the Farmlands documentary. She and the others donated their time to the project to cover the ongoing and increasing slaughter of white farmers that is happening in South Africa. They are being murdered by black South Africans whipped into action by a black government that has actively incited violence and hatred against white South Africans. Some are already calling it an impending genocide of white South Africans.

The historical background to the modern-day conflict was also provided at the start of the documentary to explain that the situation is not as?black and white as many media activists on the left would have us believe.

A documentary about?the farmers and their families who are being attacked, tortured, burned and raped is not the act of a white supremacist. It is the act of a conservative activist and journalist telling the other side of the story because the left-wing media refuse to cover it.

Why would Winston Peters, David Seymour and Simon Bridges disagree with a documentary that tells the other side of the story?

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman justified her decision to defend a man who incited genocide by saying that everyone is entitled to a defence. Ironically, she has condemned Lauren Southern for showing the world the other side of the story because, in her warped mind, telling the story of those whom genocide is being incited against is “hate speech”.

Just like with Milo Yiannopoulos, the real alt-righters, the real white supremacists and the real anti-Semites hate her. They have publicly said so about both of them but the media deliberately ignore these statements and continue to claim that Milo and Lauren are what they are not.

Image posted on an anti-Semitic site that claims that Lauren is a ‘Jew-lover”

Why would Winston Peters, David Seymour and Simon Bridges believe the smears about Lauren Southern when real alt-righters, white supremacists and anti-Semites have publicly said that she is none of those things?

The media also ignore Milo and Lauren when they categorically deny the smears. Milo is married to a black man and Lauren has had non-white boyfriends?yet both are accused of being white supremacists! Actual white supremacists have referred to Lauren as a “coal-burner”, which is a racist slur for white women who date black men.

Why would Winston Peters, David Seymour and Simon Bridges think that Lauren is a racist and a white supremacist when she has denied the slurs, dated men who aren’t white and is called a coal burner by real racists?

Media have also accused Lauren of supporting a white?ethnostate. Whaleoil writer Lushington Brady researched the claim and the worst he could find was that she visited a whites-only town in South Africa, and noted that it was actually a pretty nice, safe place.

Both Milo and Lauren are strong public defenders of free speech for everyone, while real alt-righters like?Richard Spencer have clearly stated that the alt-right is opposed to free speech.

The media want us to believe that good, old-fashioned family values are an extreme viewpoint these days so they have smeared Lauren?as being alt-right and far right because she believes in traditional gender roles and values the traditional family unit.

If we were are to believe the rubbish spouted by the mainstream media about Lauren Southern then the image below is the epitome of a far-right alt-right extremist!

If you believe the MSM this is what a far-right/ alt-right activist extremist looks like

The best way, of course, to find out the truth about Lauren’s views is to watch her videos, and the excerpts below from an interview with Dave Rubin are a great place to start.

Alternatively, here is a link to her YouTube channel: