Alastair Scott has to be one of the stupidest MPs in parliament, and that is saying something

Alastair Scott must be dead-set thick. He’s put up a private member’s bill, which is as retarded as he appears to be, along with an equally stupid police officer who clearly can’t read existing laws: Quote:

A police officer’s concerns about the lack of legal teeth to deal with?criminals’?sawn-off firearms has sparked a proposed law?change.

As it stands, current legislation?does not treat?sawn-off shotguns and rifles as seriously as handguns, and opposition?MP Alastair Scott believes this needs fixing. End quote.

What a shame his proposed law does no such thing. It is also wrong-headed thinking that ignores current law.? Quote:

Scott was inspired to draft a bill to put before Parliament after meeting with Masterton police officer Thomas Andrews, who had also raised his concerns within?the police community.

Andrews wrote an open letter which was published in?Police News?in April describing?the criminals’ “weapon of choice”?as a “scourge”.

“I dealt with several cases involving sawn-off weapons during 2017 and this is a specific problem that should be urgently addressed,” he wrote.

Andrews said these weapons?had?no lawful?purpose in society and the law needed to address them specifically.

“They become what the criminal intended ? a lethal weapon suitable only for use in crime and, unlike other stolen property, their value to the law-abiding owner is destroyed.”?End quote.

So, why didn’t you prosecute them using existing laws?? Quote:

Under the?Arms Act?possession of a firearm “without lawful, proper and sufficient purpose” is punishable by up to four years in prison.

“Rather surprisingly, by sawing off a firearm, it becomes defined as a pistol,” Andrews?said.

Unlawful possession of a pistol carries a?lesser sentence of up to three years.?End quote.

So, increase the sentences; don’t bring in a cockamamie law change that won’t solve the problem.? Quote:

In the United Kingdom, the act of shortening a shotgun barrel to below a specified length carried?a potential penalty of seven years in prison, he said.?End quote.

Any firearm below 762mm is classified as a pistol and much more stringent licence provisions come into effect. It is already in the law. All that is required is to increase the sentence. Then, of course, you have to get the police to actually enforce the law rather than persecute law-abiding firearms’ owners.

They are wrong in any respect. They clearly haven’t read Section 45 (which has a penalty of $5,000 or four years in prison or both) or Section 55 (five years in prison) . Quote:

Scott was drafting a?bill this week to be approved by the National Party caucus with an aim to?put it into the member’s bill ballot by August 1.

He was?proposing?that altering these weapons in this way should be considered an aggravating feature to the crime and carry an appropriate penalty.

“There is only one purpose you do that and that is to carry out an?aggravated assault or incident,” Scott?said. End quote.

Except his proposed law doesn’t do that. In fact, it criminalises me. I have several firearms that I have legitimately shortened the barrels of. Only by a couple of inches, but shortened nonetheless. They are shortened so as to accommodate suppressors without making the firearm longer and more ungainly for use in the bush. Many people shorten barrels specifically for bush guns, making them shorter and more handy in thick bush. Alistair Scott’s proposed law would make them criminals. Have a read of his stupidity:

As you can see, Alastair Scott wants me to have to go and get a permit to shorten my rifle barrel by two inches to fit a suppressor. Not only that, any existing firearms that have previously been shortened will become illegal under his stupid proposed law. A fair number of sporterised WW2 Lee Enfields and Mausers would fall foul of this law. What. A. Dick. In any case, if a rifle is shortened under 762mm it becomes a pistol with much tougher rules and regulations.

Because Alastair Scott now wants to criminalise me with his ill-conceived proposed law change, he has now become a political enemy of any right-thinking gun owner. He needs a strong campaign against, or a challenge in the lead-up to the next election, to be replaced. He isn’t fit for purpose as an MP and he’s from a rural seat so should know better. Dickheads like him need a good solid rinsing.

If National’s caucus even contemplates this then they are handing over firearms votes to whichever party best represents them, and it won’t be the National party if this comes to pass. There are enough firearms’ owners who would be criminalised by this proposed law to ensure that Simon Bridges and his party would fall below 40% in the polls.

Arms Prohibition on Shortened Firearms Amendment by Cam Slater on Scribd