Am I a white supremacist?

According to Bennett Morgan, a “white supremacist group” raised money to sue Auckland Council for refusing to allow Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux to speak at one of their venues. I donated to their fund. Does that make me a white supremacist?

When there was a rally in Liverpool (my home town), England, to free Tommy Robinson, I wished I was there. The protesters were described by the media as “far-right protesters” and “white supremacists”. Does that make me a white supremacist?

I will be attending the rally in Wellington this weekend to free Tommy, but it may have now been turned more into a rally about free speech. Will the media describe the attendees as white supremacists?

Here are some interesting facts about this particular ‘white supremacist’.

My husband is about 35% black, with a white mother but a father from the Dominican Republic. (I tell him he is not black enough, for reasons we won’t go into on this blog, but I’m sure you get the picture.)

I have a Columbian sister-in-law and a Korean daughter-in-law.

One of my best friends is Malaysian Chinese. Another is Maori.

My next door neighbours are at least part Pacific Islanders, but I don’t know from where exactly because I’ve never asked them. I couldn’t wish for better neighbours.

When I was an employer, I hired a Samoan, an Egyptian, a Filipino, several Chinese, a couple of Indians and someone from PNG. The only people I ever actually fired were white, and they were fired because they were no good.

I believe in equality, but not in quotas. I believe in immigration, but not throwing open the borders. I believe in equal opportunity, but it should be achieved through education. I believe in freedom of religion and expression.

I don’t hate Muslims, but I hate terrorists. The trouble is, many of those are Muslims these days, carrying out their terror in the name of their God. I hate that.

I hate racial attacks in any form, including on white people.

Black lives matter, but so do all other lives. All lives matter.

I want England to win the Football World Cup and I’m so glad they got those Thai boys out from the cave. Inspiring stuff.

If I’m a white supremacist, then the world is a very strange place. But?I am a white supremacist. Bennett Morgan says so.

I need to ask Bennett one question, though. My husband donated to the fund to sue Auckland Council too. Can a black man be a white supremacist nowadays?