An open letter to the Victoria Police

An open letter to the Victoria Police

Dear Victoria Police

I see that you have sent Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux a $68,000 bill for exercising their right to free speech in Melbourne.

Gee – what’s next?? Charging rape victims because their clothing was “too provocative”?? Charging burglary victims because their possessions were “too tempting”?

Gee…. this could be a real money-spinner, guys! ? /sarc

This is NOTHING more than the police indulging in ‘virtue-signalling.’? ‘Hey, lefties – we’re with you, against those nasty people inside exercising their right to free speech!’

What you have done is solidify the ‘heckler’s veto.’? Now, any group that dislikes another simply has to threaten to show up and make lots of noise and have a few scuffles with the cops.? They know that the bill for that nonsense will be sent to those PEACEFUL people exercising their free speech rights.

So, even if an event isn’t cancelled, the scumbags know that they have at least harmed the people financially.? In so doing, even people with less controversial views will think twice about speaking in public and so free speech itself is damaged.

I only hope that Southern and Molyneux challenge this RIDICULOUS act in court and that your police force gets the complete trashing in court that it so thoroughly deserves.


[name redacted ]