Another angry letter to Phil ‘I don’t believe in free speech’ Goff

I am disgusted by your attitude. You know nothing about Lauren Southern. You may have read all of the Fake News reports. Shame on you. I am a 71-year-old woman, who emigrated to New Zealand in 1967. I have worked hard all my life, and am still working, albeit now I actually get a pension to offset the large taxes I still pay.

I was brought up to be responsible for myself, have never been a drain on this country, even though I was faced with bringing up two children alone with no benefit, and I provided well for them. I have a clear set of morals, that I was taught from an early age. I was going to refuse the Winter power supplement, because I really don?t need it and would rather it go to someone more in strife, until I heard Winston Peters was accepting his, so I will now donate mine to people I can personally see are genuinely struggling.

You might get from the above, that I am not alt-right, but a genuine caring person. Yes, I am, and I am proud of that, and I will kill for the right to retain my heritage of FREE SPEECH. Once we lose that in New Zealand, I would rather be dead, but it is coming , so I am lucky that I won?t be around for the demise of New Zealand.

Lauren Souther is a journalist, a damn good one too, (I have followed her for many months and she does some great work) so will you please just watch the attached YouTube?video, which is what a lot of her/their talk was to be about. And, then come back to me with your thoughts. If you are a decent, caring person, like me, you will watch it. If I hear nothing back, then I know you were not worth my effort to send you this email.

I am so amazed that the Muslims can promote as much hate speech against Jews, and YOU do nothing. You are obviously scared of Muslims. If this is your stance, then shame on you.

This was to be the?video?that was to be played during their visit to New Zealand.


I really, really want to receive your reply to my concerns,

Kind regards,
Pauline [redacted]