Are the police a bunch of sissies when it comes to meddling with the Arms Act?

NZ Police are a bunch of pantyhose-wearing sissies.

The NZ Police have been hell bent on reform of the Arms Act for some time now.

A couple of years back the former Police Association President Greg O?Connor manufactured a crisis regarding illegal firearms. In a desperate attempt to get politicians to arm police with Glock pistols, Mr O?Connor concocted a story that police all over New Zealand were being confronted by criminals with guns; that it was rampant, growing and that most of these guns were illegal.

Wondering aloud where these magical firearms came from, the media subsequently took that to a new level, including presenting fictitious stories about smugglers in the night dropping crates of guns off the coast. It was a plot so stupid it could have only come from a Hardy Boys adventure book.??

As it turned out, the claim was unreliable. Firstly, the police statistics provided showed that the number of illegally owned firearms confiscated was roughly identical to the number of firearms reported stolen in burglaries.

Despite an inquiry, the plot fizzled to nothing. Greg O?Connor became a Labour politician and into his shoes stepped Chris Cahill.

Chris came out with even more silly nonsense. He claimed that a semi-automatic rifle could be made into a full automatic in five minutes. It was so unreliable and untrue that it damaged his credibility.

What was absolutely certain is that the police do not keep much in the way of statistics to back their claims regarding firearms. They rely on the unreliable hearsay and anecdotal statements from local cops. If one is going to legitimately argue for law reform, having an empirical basis is the prerequisite for opening one?s mouth.

This is also the expectation when advancing criminal proceedings in the court. Evidence is critical. It is therefore surprising that the police would ignore their own ethical and professional standards when making a case for law reform. Rather than gather up the evidence, they shoot from the hip and make wild and spurious accusations.

Over the last year the police have been decidedly quiet. Until now. This latest attempt to slip law reform through a back door is sly and contemptuous. It also lacks any empirical basis.

Ironically, the reason for law reform has changed. Police aren?t campaigning to eliminate military firearms. Nor are they seeking to knock off semi-automatic weapons. Now what they want is to make any firearm with a modified barrel unlawful, which is to say 80% of firearms in circulation.

Let?s be clear: the proposed amendment by Alastair Scott is a veiled attempt to outlaw or register virtually every firearm or licensee in New Zealand.

Talk about a ‘skitzo’ approach to law reform. Just what is it police want? They cannot make up their minds.

Overall, however, the hidden story is about the police themselves. Aside from the fact that they are vehemently opposed to firearms, they are also wanting to go about their duties without ever coming into contact with firearms.

The absurdity of that proposition isn?t lost on the general populous. There is not a society anywhere in the world where criminals and firearms do not exist. Our own police already carry tasers and some holster a Glock. The police have a specialist unit called the Armed Offenders Squad (AOS) to deal with infrequent occasions when a criminal misbehaves.

Surely police expect that, during the course of business, they may be confronted by firearms. As it is they already wear stab-proof vests, such is the expectation.

And here is the clincher: police in New Zealand are becoming a bunch of pantyhose-wearing princesses who want life to be easy. Well, it?s not. And their expectation that law reform will magically make criminals compliant with the law (when clearly they already ignore the law) is so incredibly ill-conceived it can only be considered stupid.

I lose all respect when police behave dumb. They are supposed to be smarter than this.

And, is there actually a problem? No. Certainly no evidence exists that there is a issue. What we have is a bunch of sissies complaining.

Politicians should also be smarter than this. I expect fresh politicians to want to make a mark, but when they go about proposing law reform without facts, and on the basis of loose discussion with local cops, one can only draw the conclusion that they are foolish, stupid and doomed to end their careers early. Thinking before acting is a prerequisite to a good long-term career. Alastair Scott and Chris Bishop could both do themselves (and every law-abiding firearms user in NZ) a favour by using what is on top of their shoulders first, before running away with vanity law reforms.

Making an enemy of the firearms community of 240,000-plus people is not the best way to further one’s political career. Listening to police who have no factual basis is stupid.