Bigots pile in on Twitter

Now you may need to sit down and take a deep breath as I am about to admit that I agree with Rachel Stewart.? (Counselling is available for those who are triggered by this revelation. Ph 0800 HARDENUP, 0800 4273 3687)

The premise of her article was “Let’s eat cake and laugh at the Warkworth baker who refused to serve same-sex couple”. It referred to a silly little bit of spite by some lesbians who were trying to make a fuss about nothing.? Bakers refusing to bake wedding cakes for homosexual or lesbian couples is fairly old news these days, but this pair of Aussies thought they would give it another whirl.

In her article in a newspaper, Rachel makes an excellent point: Quote.

[…] I’m in my 19th year of unwedded bliss with someone even more amazing, […] Nor will we be ordering a wedding cake any time soon.?But if, by some miraculous turn of events, we were to change our minds about partaking in such an historically heterosexual construct originally designed by the church to facilitate women becoming the property of men […] End of quote.

Beautifully and succinctly put.

  • A hetrosexual construct – why would homosexuals support that?
  • Designed by the church – not a lot of common ground there.
  • To facilitate women becoming the property of men. Yup, that is the historical basis – not much relevance today, but an honest appraisal.

So, why do so many homosexuals and lesbians kick up such fuss about being able to be married and especially about being able to be married in a church?? Good question.

Rachel went on to point out that,? Quote.

Well, I reckon she’s [the baker] a bigot. But, hey, there’s lots of it about. And posting about Kath’s bigotry on Facebook, and talking to the media, only serves to fuel the other side of the bigotry coin. You know, those who loudly reckon she’s somehow evil personified.?Those who encourage abuse towards her. Those who can’t see that people are allowed to follow their own beliefs and ethics. End of quote.

Rachel is rightly pointing out that?Moe Barr and Sasha Patrick, from Brisbane, the pair that posted on Facebook about Kath’s polite refusal to bake, were showing their bigotry.

And that is the point where Twitter kicked off:

Rachel tweeted today: Quote.

Phew, a rough night. After yesterday’s column, every gay activist within cooee told me I was “vile” or a “ghoul” or a “fascist” or a suicide enabler – amongst other niceties. Bigotry is bigotry, and what these rabid dogs miss is that they are changing nobody’s minds. Nobody.

Bigotry is a two-sided coin. The left and the right do it. Every day of the bloody week. End of quote.

Responses from the homosexual and lesbian community included: Quote.

What a vile, vile piece from an as vile person. Imagine putting your own gayness to work in assuming the role of that someone in every gay person?s life who?s told them to ~just get over it~

I found your story, especially your telling the lesbian couple to ‘get used to it’ quite offensive. These messages enable the sort of behaviour that causes young rainbow people to suicide at high rates. It’s your opinion and you are entitled to it but it’s shameful. Please stop.

Imagine being @RFStew and being so pathetically desperate to appeal to homophobes that you’re like “well probably it’s fine to deny service if it’s just baking a CAKE”, not realising that there is a clear fucking line from that to… every other homophobic act of bigoted violence.? Go ahead and block me @RFStew: you’re a vile woman who panders to bigots and sells out the LGBT for mainstream acceptance, and your column was an exceptionally bad take.

And yet you decline to answer, presumably because an intellectually honest answer that aligns with your previously stated values would out you to everyone on the damn planet as a selfish coward void of ethics.

Thinly veiled fascist perspectives are dangerous. The two sided coin argument is what people use when a woman in a mini skirt is raped and murdered. They also accuse others who disagree as lacking critical analysis. No surprises it?s a herald opinion piece. End of quote.

One tweeter summed it up: Quote.

Watching @RFStew being attacked for being so tolerant is really quite something. they’re proving her point so vehemently. End of quote.

It really is quite entertaining to see their liberal heads exploding over “one of theirs” daring to call them out.

Definition of bigot. A person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially one who regards or treats the members of a group with hatred and intolerance.