Bitter, childless, old windbag continuing to wage a personal vendetta against Eden Park

Helen Clark must be bored, or feeling irrelevant at least, because she is continuing to wage a rather bitter and personal jihad against Eden Park.

Her latest shrieking from behind her taxpayer-funded high stone wall is against the CEO of the Eden Park Trust Board, saying that the board’s?defence of its chief executive sets a “very low standard of behaviour”: Quote:

Former prime minister Helen Clark has branded Eden Park Trust’s defence of the appointment of its chief executive as “unethical”.

The trust said it knew, when appointing Nick Sautner, of a past Federal Court decision in Australia that?found he had been justifiably dismissed?from a stadium management role in Melbourne.

“Unless he proves me wrong, Nick Sautner has our full support,” trust board chairman Doug McKay?said in a statement?on Thursday.

Clark, who lives near Eden Park and is a vocal opponent of Sautner-led?plans to stage the stadium’s first-ever concert?in February, took exception.

“It is extraordinary that the Eden Park Trust finds nothing to question about the appointment when an Australian Federal Court has found that his misconduct ‘included elements of dishonesty’,” she told?Stuff.

“This sets a very low standard of behaviour for an entity operating under an Act of Parliament. I would describe such behaviour as unethical.

The latest spat follows media reports re-visiting a 2014 Australian legal battle between Sautner and his then-employer Melbourne Stadiums Limited (MSL).

The story was published?as Eden Park Trust and opponents prepare to contest a bid in the Environment Court?for planning permission to stage a charity concert on Waitangi Day.? ?End quote.

I’d lay even money on her being the source of the Newsroom story in the first place, then she comes out caterwauling in other media, appalled at the situation.

What a bloody hypocrite she is, talking about ethics and low standards of behaviour.

This is the same woman who, when dealing with Taito Phillip Field, declared that “I think the only thing he is probably guilty of is trying to be helpful to someone.”

Philip Field, of course, was later convicted of bribery and corruption, resulting in a jail sentence of six years.? Quote:

Field has been jailed for six years, with the sentencing judge saying his offending threatened the foundation of democracy and justice.

In August the former Mangere MP was found guilty of 11 charges of bribery and corruption and 15 charges of attempting to obstruct or pervert the course of justice.

The charges were laid after he used Thai tradesmen to do work on his properties in Samoa and New Zealand in return for giving them immigration assistance. End quote.

Helen Clark and the Labour party defended and defended Phillip Field. They never chucked him out of the party for his offences. They threw him out because, when he dug in, he suggested that if the party moved against him then he would stand as an independent. He was thrown out, not for his offences, but for daring to show disloyalty.

So, colour me surprised that Helen Clark wants to talk about ethics and honesty when she so vehemently defended a man later convicted of bribery and corruption?? acts that occurred when he was a minister in HER government.

Helen Clark seems to have lost her mojo completely and doesn’t seem to be able think through the consequences of her words and actions any longer.

I can’t think of any NZ politician who has debased herself so publicly as she has done recently. Jacinda needs to give her a job as she is obviously bored if the best she can do is pick fights with a stadium, and a respected professor who wants to save babies?? something she should have done while at the UNDP. Word is that Labour (except Jacinda) are thoroughly sick of her and don’t want to give her a job, so she is angling for one by getting mouthy.

However, this could all be part of her master plan to wrest the mayoralty off Phil Goff. Rumours are circulating in Auckland, and credible sources inside Labour say, that Goff has become an embarrassment and hopes now rest on Clark. The mayor’s office’s own polling shows Goff is so unpopular he makes Donald Trump look like a god. His negatives are so bad Goff’s office has taken to multiplying two negative ratings as the only way to get a positive. Word is his missus is sick of it all too.

I’m not sure how that will all go for Clark, but she sure is stinking up the joint since she got the arse card from the UN.