Bitter, old bag gives sound advice to the Labour party council: ‘Resign’

Oh wait… it was to Russell McVeagh: Quote:

Former prime minister Helen Clark has called on?the board of law firm Russell McVeagh to resign?in the wake of the sexual assaults and misconduct against women interns.

Clark?told?Newsroom?the board should resign and also?tweeted on Thursday night:?”Sexual assaults at one of?#NZ‘s biggest law firms have shocked the country. Dame Margaret Bazley has delivered a damning report on the workplace practice & culture which made it possible. Question is: why hasn’t?#RussellMcVeagh‘s Board resigned? Fresh start is imperative.”

Clark was prime minister when Bazley was appointed to investigate the culture and practices of the police department after a group of officers was jailed last decade for historic sexual assaults. End quote.

So, if Helen Clark thinks the board of Russell McVeagh should resign from something that Andrew Little would describe as ‘just a pat on the bottom and a few drunken gropes’ then surely the Labour party board should resign after someone was charged with six counts of sexual assault against four victims.

No one has ever been charged at Russell McVeagh, but someone has been charged with offences from an event staged by Labour. Moreover, nothing was done for victims until they went to the media, and minors were assaulted in an environment where unlimited alcohol was available to them.

Why is Helen Clark not demanding that the Labour party council resign as well?