Breaking News: South Africa sings ‘Kill the Boer’ song with government approval at World Choir Games


The video has been removed. Here is what I have been able to find since it was removed.


People, and apparently parents of children forced to sing it, some refusing, are pretty angry about this, I haven’t seen damage control done this hard in my life, someone is working overtime.

“Does not matter which verse they sang. Both equally bad and same concept ”

“It was raised during the practice session and some of the kids refused to participate. Please be informed that this was an international event- and the world is taking notice.?#worldchoirgames2018?”

“The intent is the same…THEY ARE THE STRUGGLE SONGS ONE TO KILL THE BOER TH OTHER IS THE LAND WHICH WE SUPPOSEDLY STOLE …the intent in both of them are against white people and the lie that we stole the land which justifies our killing period.”


?We are the people of Mkhonto, to kill the Boers.? This what they are singing. This is what the Department of Arts and Culture describes as ?an exquisite rendition?.

Let’s clarify in case of confusion:

kill k?l/?verb

  1. 1.cause the death of (a person, animal, or other living thing).”her father was killed in a car crash”*synonyms:*murder, cause the death of, take/end the life of, do away with, make away with, assassinate, do to death, eliminate, terminate, dispatch, finish off, put to death, execute; More
  2. 2.put an end to or cause the failure or defeat of (something).”two fast goals from Dublin killed any hopes of a famous Sligo victory”*synonyms:*destroy, put an end to, bring to an end, be the end of, end, extinguish, dash, quell, quash, ruin, wreck, shatter, smash, crush, scotch; More

UPDATE: Lyrics to shut up Bell Pottinger 2.0 Brigade, see them working late, wonder what Timezone they’re in, Chennai? :

Thin? abantu boMkhonto sizimisele (We the people of Mkhonto are prepared)

Ukuwabulala wona amaBhunu (To kill the Boers)

Hamba kahle Mkhonto Mkhonto (Go well Mkhonto/spear)

Mkhonto weSizwe (Spear of the Nation)?


?Thina sizwe esimnyama (We the black the nation)

Sikhalelela izwe lethu (Are we weeping for our land)

Elathathwa ngabamhlophe (Which was taken away from us by white people)

Mabayeke umhlaba wethu (Let them return our land).?

UPDATE: Tweet by Democratic Alliance politician Renaldo Gouws regarding this, I expect this to hit news sites as well soon.


Conscious Caracal?” We the black nation Cry over our land Which was taken away by white people Let them give back our land” ? Yep, I’m sure this is going to do *wonders* for race relations in the current climate… ”

Renaldo Gouws (DA) ” And singing a song about land being stolen by whites isn’t? Come now… out of ALL the songs the choir could sing… why THIS one? Perhaps you should speak to the government and ask them why they want racial songs being sung on a global stage about South Africa. ”


Ernst Roets: “Update: The news publication based on which I made this tweet has published a correction, stating that the words ?Kill the Boer? was not sung during this song, although the song is still about taking the land owned by whites.”