Caption competition

Screenshot: Whaleoil

Today’s caption competition photo shows?New Zealand Federation of Islam Associations president Hazim Arafeh speaking to the New Zealand Police.

This is the very same Hazim Arafeh who said that the free speech of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux makes “Muslims of the world very, very angry”

The Auckland council have now confirmed that they enforced the Heckler’s or Thug’s veto by cancelling the pair’s booking due to “fear” and “security concerns.”

Only two activist organisations and their representatives expressed their anger at the event and demanded that it be cancelled. Valerie Morse and Auckland Peace Action and Hazim Arafeh, president of the New Zealand Federation of Islam Associations who claims to represent the New Zealand Muslim community.

The only way the event can go ahead now at the council venue is if the New Zealand police volunteer that they can handle anything unlawful the protesters might threaten.

I wonder why the New Zealand Police are not speaking up to defend free speech in New Zealand?

I wonder why the NZ police are not volunteering to protect free speech?