Childless, bitter, old Nimby once again on wrong side of public opinion

Helen Clark is on the wrong side of public opinion again: Quote:

Public support for Sir Ray Avery’s plan to hold a charity concert at Eden Park is strong despite high-profile neighbours slamming the proposal.

Documents the Herald obtained from the Auckland Council show 186 submissions have been in support of the concert compared to just 17 opposed.

The Eden Park Trust applied for resource consent to hold the event there on Waitangi Day next year and has stirred mixed opinions.

The Live Aid-style concert will be used to raise money to build enough LifePods incubators to save a million babies worldwide.

It has received strong criticism from several members of the local community, most notably former Prime Minister Helen Clark. End quote.

Helen Clark obviously doesn’t want to save babies, and if she did then she wants it to be done in someone else’s backyard. Quote:

Avery hit back at Clark saying she had become a “petty politician” and should have called him rather than posting online.

His comments prompted an equally sharp response from Clark who commented on the irony.

“Amazing way of operating ? to hurl abuse, and then say he wants to sit down and talk,” she wrote. “Time for 101 perhaps on residents’ rights to object to activities which are not permitted under current planning parameters.”

Avery said he was surprised and disappointed at the attitude of some neighbours and their submissions to shut down the concert.

A handful of other powerful objectors, including Clark, insisted the concert could be held at another venue, which was not true, he said.

We are holding it at Eden Park because of the type of concert, the talent, the Telethon and associated sponsors and the facilities Eden Park has so generously offered to us.

“The objectors are using the ‘another venue’ excuse to exonerate themselves from any responsibility for shutting down a charity concert which can save at least a million babies’ lives.”

His end-of-life dream was to save at least a million babies with his Lifepod.

“I now need all the help I can get to make this happen.” End quote.

Clearly the Eden Park Trust Board is much more charitable than some bitter, old bag who is no longer relevant.

One of our good readers was so incensed by Clark’s attitude they contacted the Sir Ray?Avery?Foundation to make a donation. They wrote to me afterwards: Quote:

Cameron, I was incensed at Helen Clark?s attitude to objecting to the concert to raise funds for this very good cause of Sir Ray?Avery, so we immediately sent a donation and got this reply. Is there anyway we can post the details so others can register their support for a concert for this great cause which has to be lodged by 12 July.

I am so cross! What an old bag she is. I suspect she is meddling in the background behind the scenes with Labour too which also makes me mad as former Prime Ministers should butt out ? I thought that was an unwritten law. End quote.

The reply they got was: Quote:

Thank you for your kind words and donation. We appreciate it so very much. Ray and I are absolutely disappointed in Helen Clark and the small handful of residents opposing this fabulous planned concert which aims to raise $4 million to provide 2000 LifePod Infant Incubators and save a million babies in the developing world. We are inundated by requests from East Timor, Solomon Islands and Tonga to countries in Africa and Asia all requesting LifePods so the need is critical. To think a person like Helen Clark, who has seen it all in these countries, is the culprit is so disappointing. We?ll fight this with the help of so many wonderful New Zealanders and hopefully make it happen.

If you could do one more thing for us that would be to go to? register your support for the concert on the council?s form. It takes only a few minutes. Just say yes to Sir Ray?Avery?s concert to benefit a million babies? all over it. Submit before the 12th?July. The more submissions we have saying ?yes? the better.

Ray was really touched by your message and support.

With much appreciation,

Anna End quote.

And we have done our part by highlighting how you can tell Helen Clark to stick it and to help raise the $4 million.

Old snaggle-tooth just looks like her face?? all bitter and twisted. There is an old saying that you get the face you deserve.