Childless, bitter, old Nimby tried to block fundraiser to save premature babies

A childless, bitter, old Nimby tried to block a fundraiser to save premature babies: Quote:

Former prime minister Helen Clark has made a submission to Auckland Council opposing a charity concert to raise money for a baby pod project.

Clark said in her submission that the concert was simply a “Trojan horse” to allow the council’s park management division to plan further concerts at the venue.

She went on to say the planning application put forward by Eden Park did not mention the noise limit, which would impact surrounding residents.

The organiser’s consent application did not indicate how loud it would be, said Clark, who lives near Eden Park.

“The proposed charity element is not directly related to the concert nor specific to this venue in any meaningful or concrete fashion within the application,” she said in her submission.

Sir Ray Avery, a former New Zealander of the Year, announced plans for a Live Aid-style concert at Eden Park next Waitangi Day to raise money in an effort help save babies around the world.

He wants to build enough LifePod incubators to save a million babies.

The concert announcement is the first step in raising the $4 million needed to make 2000 pods, each of which would save 50 lives a year over the 10 years it remained operational. End quote.

What a miserable old hag. She needs to remember that she was biffed out of office for stuff like this.

Someone should ask the current prime minister if she intends to follow in the footsteps of her bitter old mentor and be a Nimby or will she take the more considered approach of a caring mother? She does live closer to Eden Park than Clarkula, after all.

What sort of a misery jaw would oppose a concert to raise funds to save babies’ lives?