Chris Bishop is another ninny in the wrong party

Chris Bishop is part of Amy Adams’ puddle. A legacy of the wet years of John Key. A legend in his father’s mind.

And a total waste of space given this Facebook message attacking Winston Peters yesterday: Quote:

He could not be more wrong.

Rather than harking back to eras long-gone and talking pejoratively about immigrants – why don’t we try and build the world’s best little tolerant, cosmopolitan and diverse country on the planet? One that encourages migrants to move here; a country that that welcomes the investments, ideas, and vibrancy migrants bring; a nation that learns about and celebrates cultures unfamiilar to our own; a land that creates new stories by blending old and new; tradition and change; and where migrants aren’t scapegoated as the source of any problems in society. End quote.

Bishop says that Winston Peters is wrong to oppose multiculturalism. Worse, he says he couldn’t be more wrong. Yet Bishop fails to present a cogent argument or any evidence that rampant unmoderated multiculturalism has worked anywhere in the world for anyone, ever.

Here is a challenge for Chris Bishop: name a single country where multiculturalism has worked out just fine.

He is living in pie-in-the-sky land. He is especially wrong when you look at how dreadfully his sort of attitudes have gone wrong in England, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Belgium, France, or indeed anywhere where mass third-world immigration from incompatible societies has occurred.

If Chris Bishop is the genius his father thinks he is then he will take up my challenge. I doubt he will because he’s all mouth and no trousers. You’d think he would man up, you know, being a champion debater and all, and I’m just a flea-bitten irrelevant blogger.

Let’s see.