Christians in need, but Muslims grab the cash

Caption: The Syrian Christians fled genocide at the hands of Muslims. Now they?re getting screwed over by Muslims again, as well as the bleeding-heart activists who pretend to care about them

In 2015, the Abbott government prioritised the resettlement of Christian Syrians to Australia. Thousands were brought here over the screeching protests of the ‘refugee’ lobby. Apparently, the tilty-headed twits? ‘compassion’ only extends as far as their favoured victim-group. Three years later, the same humbugs are tub-thumping for Muslim Rohingyas to be given priority, especially over those unacceptably white South African farmers.

But as is typical with gesture-politics Abbott?s policy brought with it consequences that even at the time were foreseen. Representatives complained that the refugees would, as always, be dumped on Sydney?s struggling western suburbs. While the rich suburbs of Sydney remain staunchly white, ‘diverse’ suburbs like Fairfield struggle with high unemployment, low home ownership and overstressed infrastructure. Now they get over ten thousand more refugees dumped in their midst, with virtually no support.

The last thing they need is certain other groups snaffling up the scant money made available to refugees fleeing a genocide. Quote:

Fairfield?s mayor pleaded with the federal government for funding to help 9000 largely Christian refugees go to school and get a job in the area, but a major youth initiative was instead given to a Muslim charity.

The Lebanese Muslim Association received $6.9 million over two years under the Youth Transition Support program, developed after the then-Abbott government extended a special humanitarian welcome to 12,000 refugees escaping persecution in Iraq and Syria. End of quote.

Unfortunately for them, 9000 Christian refugees aren?t a significant and tribal voting bloc in the vital western suburbs of Sydney, so ? tough luck for them. Quote:

Mayor of Fairfield Frank Carbone was unable to persuade the minister to redirect the funding allocation. Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone wrote to then social services minister Christian Porter complaining the LMA ?operates within a strong faith-based framework and ? has only ever provided services to the Muslim community? End of quote.

The Syrian Christians fled genocide at the hands of Muslims. Now they?re getting screwed over by Muslims again. Quote:

?The [Lebanese Muslim Association] has no experience working within Fairfield City which predominantly settles religious and ethnic minorities from Iraq who fled persecution because of their non-Muslim faith within an Islamic State,? Mr Carbone wrote in December 2015. End of quote.

There seems to be something a bit whiffy about this ?charity?, too: Quote:

The Daily Telegraph revealed this week the LMA received $4.56 million in government grants and welfare income in 2016 alone, but spent less than half of it.

It also failed to declare Mr Dandan was the owner of a company which received $1 million in Association funds. Mr Dandan denied the funds were sourced from government grants and said the money has been paid back to the LMA?Mr Carbone said he was not aware of any programs the LMA ran in his area using this funding to support young refugees despite its large intake of refugees and migrants who were ?predominantly persecuted Christian minorities from Iraq ? and Mandaeans.??End of quote.

And the bleeding-heart ?refugee activists?? Well, they?re all in the wealthy inner suburbs, where they never have to be offended by the sight of actual refugees. Instead, the poor people?who the wealthy activists sniff at as ‘deplorables’?are left to carry the burden of the ‘compassion’ brigade?s posturing. Quote:

More than 9000 refugees and migrants have settled in Fairfield local government area since 2015, compared with just 726 who have made the Bankstown region home. End of quote.