Come on Omaha: Enough with the poo flinging already

It seems that there is a real problem with dog poo up on the East Coast north of Auckland.

The Mangawhai Locals Facebook page regularly has reports of discarded packets of dog eggs being left on the beach, usually propped up on a rock like a little offering to Sterquilinus.

But it’s apparent that there’s a serial poo flinger in Omaha, or perhaps multiple poo flingers. Maybe there is some sort of competition going on.

A letter to the editor in the fine local community newspaper, Mahurangi Matters?has brought to light the decidedly unsavoury practice of chucking your dogs?excreta into random builder’s jumbo bins.

Nik Sadler from Lindesay Construction writes Quote.

I am unsure which part of ‘Please stop throwing your bags of dog poo in our bin’ people don’t understand. Is the sign not clear enough? Is the big blue bin just too tempting for target practice? Are some of the dog walkers in training to be the next Tom Walsh or Valerie Adams? Is it really that hard to carry their pooch’s poo home? Or to dispose of it in the nearest dog poo bin, as provided by the council?

Letter to the editor. Mahurangi Matters, 18 July 2018

The reason the sign was erected was that we were getting anywhere between 15 to 20 bags of pooch poo per week thrown into the bin, and most weekends you could double that amount. Take a moment – I’m sure you can imagine the smell on site. Ninety-five per cent landed on target, but we would arrive early Monday morning to find two or three pooch poo bombs had missed the intended target and exploded on the driveway… Maybe your readers have the answer? Some may say, ‘Why not put a cover over the bin to stop it’. We did try that, but they just throw them on top of the cover – little neat poo bombs in an array of multi-coloured bags glistening and baking in the sun […] End quote.

Now it has been reported that Poo Flinging is a sign of intelligence in Chimpanzees, but I fail to see how this can correlate to human endeavours. In fact, I could be so bold as to suggest that those who walk amongst us with a penchant for aerial lofting of little bags of dog dirt, may, in fact, be sitting well below the top of the bell curve when it comes to I.Q. They certainly must have issues with reading and comprehension given the fact that Mr Sadler’s sign appears to have made absolutely no difference to either the frequency or volume of flying dog derricks.

But when it comes to single-use plastic bags, I think this may be a subset that really should remain single use and should be exempt from any upcoming plastic bag ban. I just can’t see having to pick up wee Rover’s dog rolls with a paper bag going down too well with the Real Housewives of Northland.

So come on good people of Omaha, it’s time to wind up the game of Pin the Jobbie on the Jumbo Bin. Enough already, take your dog trinkets home, or pop them in the proper bin where they belong, it really can’t be that hard.

Do the right thing Omaha.