Comment of the day: Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux and Papat??nuku

This comment was in ‘Backchat ‘last night:

Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux and Papat??nuku: Auckland’s proposed ‘Statue of Liberty’.

The Muslim declaration of faith, the Shahada, states: There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the final Messenger of Allah. Islam?s fundamental belief is the Unity of?Allah with no partner sharing in any way His Eternal Being, or Powers and Attributes. All other beliefs hang on this belief.

You can appreciate why Muslims are a little upset that Lauren Southern suggested Allah is gay ? in his “all-knowingness” ? and London police stopped her displaying material that said so, before someone (the police suggested) may be injured or killed.

Which is why, along with other reservations, the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand wrote to Phil Goff, saying their members would obviously be offended by Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux visiting, and Goff uttered his edict restricting the use of Auckland Council venues.? ?

So, as requested by the Islamic Federation, Goff stands against two international speakers using Auckland Council venues.

However, apparently, Goff and the Auckland Council?have approved $1 million in their 10-year budget for initial design and development of?[a]?proposed structure or “pou” ? $100,000 for design in the current financial year and a further $900,000 for initial development next year ??a giant statue of Papat??nuku the Earth Mother for Bastion Point.

Proposed by Ng?ti Wh?tua ?r?kei and envisaged to be installed in time for the America’s Cup, the pou would be 30 to 50 metres high ? tall enough to stand above a forest of more than 10,000 kauri trees which have been planted on the historic headland of Takaparawhau / Bastion Point.

In M?ori tradition, Papat??nuku is the land. “She is a mother earth figure who gives birth to all things, including people,” the Te Ara Encyclopedia says.

The iwi has conceived it as Auckland’s version of the Statue of Liberty or the 30m Christ the Redeemer above Rio de Janeiro, visible in lights at night from across the city, with stunning views from downtown, the North Shore, and from ships and ferries.

As the Islamic Federation anticipate offence to them from just a visit of two international speakers, with no compulsion for Muslims to listen to them, what of a 50m pou of the Maori primordial goddess Papat??nuku, to be a dominant feature of the Auckland skyline?

Remember in 2005: Quote.

Rt Hon Winston Peters has told the Labour list MP Ashraf Choudhary that he has a cheek joining the debate in Palmerston North about whether the?[Christian]?cross should be removed from the city clock tower.

Mr Peters said that Dr Choudhary?s comments showed an aspect of so-called multiculturalism that was an affront to ordinary New Zealanders. He said:

?It shows that some newcomers to New Zealand want us to destroy our culture so that they may impose their own.” End of quote.

Given Phil Goff now bases his decisions on avoiding division and avoiding offending people, particularly Muslims, I wonder when he will cease promoting division by championing this statue of a “false god”.