Compo for Kiddy-Fiddlers?

Caption: Now, come on: Who wouldn’t trust a face like that?

The Australian Human Rights Commission is a taxpayer-funded Star Chamber notorious for its bizarre campaigns and left-wing bias.

Former head of the Commission Gillian Triggs demanded hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation be paid to a migrant who beat his pregnant wife to death with a tricycle. Former Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Southpommasane’s claims to fame included whining that Australia was racist because people had trouble pronouncing his name first go.

Other greatest hits of the Soupy and Triggers show included publicly touting for someone, anyone, to complain about a Bill Leak cartoon that offended them. They also presided over the “completely hopeless” case of an Aboriginal university staffer who sued a group of white students who complained online of discrimination when they were kicked out of an “Aboriginals only” computer lab.

Soupy and Triggers have taken their piles of taxpayer cash and waddled off into the sunset, but the AHRC shows no signs of letting its well-deserved reputation for SJW-style idiocy go away. Now they’re demanding compo for kiddy-fiddlers if companies don’t want to hire them. Quote:

Human rights commission orders Suncorp to compensate paedophile after it refused to hire him because of his criminal record – but the bank refuses to pay.

Despite the AHRC ruling a man was ‘discriminated against due to his criminal record’ the bank insisted the man’s convictions for possessing child pornography justified the decision not to hire him. End of quote.

It’s getting so a rockspider can’t catch an even break. Quote:

The man, known as BE, had applied to be an insurance claims consultant at Suncorp in 2015.

While AHRC president Rosalind Croucher conceded BE did not fully disclose his criminal record, she still ordered the company to pay him a total of $2,500. End of quote.

So, the nonce had a record, lied about it on his application, and Suncorp was supposed to not do anything about it

What record? Quote:

BE’s criminal record dates back to 2008, which included convictions of ‘use of a carriage service to access child pornography material’ and ‘possession of child pornography’.

BE was sentenced to a year in jail and was suspended for two years. End of quote.

But the real punishment is to be meted out to companies who are a bit leery of hiring Nambla Ramblers. After all, according to TEDx, paedophilia is just a “normal sexual orientation”. This sort of pedo-phobic bigotry cannot be tolerated. So, it?s off to the PC-re-education gulag: Quote:

Suncorp was also told to re-educate its staff, revise its policies, and review its conduct after the incident. End of quote.

Commendably, Suncorp had other ideas: Quote:

‘We have carefully considered your findings and recommendations,’ Suncorp responded in a December 2015 statement. End of quote.

And the answer is: go screw yourselves. Quote:

Suncorp declines to pay any compensation to Mr [BE]. End of quote.

Well done.