Compulsory IQ testing for activists

A private members bill to be introduced to Parliament calls for compulsory IQ testing for anyone wishing to join an activist group.? MPs feel that this is a reasonable approach to save cluttering the news media with idiotic claims by activist groups.

A minimum standard of intelligence would go a long way towards reducing the idiocy of many protest actions and groups.? It has been suggested that a minimum standard of? comprehension and understanding would be equivalent to the average 12 year old.? This would significantly raise the bar compared to the current average intelligence level of the majority of activist protest group members.

Among those highlighted for utterly stupid protest actions were Auckland Peace Action, Greenpeace, Forest and Bird and the Auckland Coal Action Group.

The MPs proposing this bill cite the Auckland Coal Action Group as a prime example of people who have no understanding of the real world, as evidenced by their recent?(26 July) protest action.? Quote.


A herd of bellowing cows have joined a protest on busy Fanshawe St today, outside Fonterra?s Auckland Office, calling for it to stop sitting on the fence with regard to climate change, and to start taking urgent action to reduce its climate-wrecking emissions from coal burning. Protesters are from Auckland Coal Action, and other local groups that are highly concerned. End of quote.

A herd!? That would be three idiots dressed in cow clown suits and a cardboard cut out, accompanied by a “farmer” with a cattle prod made from a dead flax flower stalk. (Yup, that’d work.) Quote.

Fonterra presents itself as an environmentally friendly business and has joined the recently-formed Climate Leaders Coalition business group. But Auckland Coal Action spokesperson, Peter Whitmore, says that, based on available information, New Zealand?s second largest coal user still has not taken any meaningful steps to reduce its emissions by switching to sustainable fuels or to other processing methods in its major dairy factories. End of quote.

I do not understand why business leaders and major industries like Fonterra have any truck with groups such as the Climate Leaders Coalition. No long-term good can come from flagellating your business over non-existent problems or issues that are well beyond human control, like the climate. Quote.

?The need to rapidly phase out of coal use has now been clearly articulated by many scientists over a long period?, says Whitmore. ?It is over 10 years since leading climate scientist, James Hansen, said that to maintain a liveable planet coal must be phased out in developed countries by 2025 and in developing countries by 2030, a finding that has also been backed up by more recent studies.? […]??This is also a challenge that Fonterra must not shirk as we are already seeing serious impacts of climate change occurring globally. End of quote.

Yes, and nothing that James Hansen predicted has even come close to being proved correct.

Coal is used by a third of Fonterra?s manufacturing sites ? the majority in the South Island where they do not have the option of using natural gas.

I would be interested to know what the Auckland Coal Action Group would suggest Fonterra use as a heat source to dry whole milk to create milk powder.

Typical Efficiency For New Boilers
coal full load efficiency – 85% low load efficiency – 75%
oil full load efficiency – 80% low load efficiency – 72%
gas full load efficiency – 75% low load efficiency – 70%
biomass full load efficiency ? 70%? low load efficiency ? 60%?

(Obviously an electric boiler has a much higher efficiency at the boiler, but the electricity still has to be made somewhere and transmitted to the boiler from the generation source. Those inefficiencies are not quoted by electric boiler proponents.)

When the Natural Gas runs out in 10 years’ time (thanks Jacinda) then all the North Island Fonterra plants will need to change from the cleaner-burning gas to the evil dirty coal or low-efficiency bio-mass or wood or what?? Electricity is not going to be adequate as if it was better, Fonterra would already be using electricity.

And besides, we will not have sufficient electricity to supply all the industries and processes that currently run on oil and gas based fuel sources.

The Auckland Coal Action Group are a bunch of total numpties tilting at windmills in a quixotic quest to save the world from a non-problem.

As Monty eloquently explained in comment on a post on Friday: Quote.

A really big user of Natural gas is the Dairy factories which use gas to dry the milk into a powder. These clowns [the Coalition of Losers] don’t understand that hurting the dairy industry will kill the provincial towns and cities through NZ. If the return to farmers is hurt then the small towns suffer a fatal blow. The shops and cafes and small supporting businesses in all the small towns in agricultural areas (pretty much all of NZ) will need to downsize. Yes Natural Gas is that important to New Zealand. These clowns [the Coalition of Losers] think that NZ leading the way will make a difference. it simply won’t make a shred of difference to global emissions. And in the meantime NZ is wrecked. – Oh and with lower tax receipts all the public service and beneficiaries will also suffer as there will simply be no money. End quote.