Could Lizzie Marvelly be more wrong than Martyn Bradbury?

Could privileged, snotty, anthem singer Lizzie Marvelly be more wrong than Martyn Bradbury?

Well, yes. It certainly appears so given her latest mad rant in the pages of a newspaper.

Exhibit A: Quote:

Accusations of hatred, then, tend to rankle. Occasionally I’ve even been accused of perpetuating hate speech, so perhaps the free speech coalition (or whatever Brash et al are calling themselves these days now that their favourite egregiously offensive speakers have decided not to come to New Zealand) should add me to the list of undesirable rabble-rousers whose free speech rights should be defended to the death. End quote.

Lizzie should change her name to Dizzie. She obviously hasn’t caught up with the news that Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux ARE coming to New Zealand.??

Exhibit B: Quote:

An old friend of my father also protested to him on the golf course a few months ago that I was being a bit hard on middle-aged white men. Clearly, for some people of the white and male variety, I’ve struck a nerve.

I can’t say I’m surprised. Over the past few years, I’ve heard ? from writers much more experienced than myself ? that it’s difficult to be a white man these days. “Pale Male Stale is nothing but racism, sexism and ageism wrapped in a pithy phrase,” Jason Krupp wrote in the?National Business Review?a few years ago.

Being “an ageing, conservative male” is an “unpardonable sin”, wrote Cameron Slater late last year. People “fair of skin and male of sex” are members of “a despised minority”, Karl du Fresne pontificated in May.

It appears that I have added to these gentlemen’s suffering. The least I can do is offer my heartfelt apologies. How challenging it must be to be part of a demographic that is paid more than any other across most sectors, that is better represented than any other in almost every boardroom and in Parliament, and that occupies the vast majority of positions of power in nearly every society. End quote.

As I read that I thought, that doesn’t sound like something I would say as it is far too erudite. So I googled the quote, and lo and behold I found that I didn’t actually say it. Karl du Fresne did, and I quoted it in a post. Which leads to Exhibit C: the post was about what Karl du Fresne said about Rachel Stewart. Lizzie Marvelly isn’t even in the post.

Three strikes and you are out. Lizzie Marvelly, in her snivelling little rant against men, which she says isn’t against men, gets material facts wrong. Then again, what can you expect from the NZ Herald these days?