Council with a sense of humour builds a fence

A bouquet is due for the Queenstown Lakes District Council!

A council doing something good? ?Tell us another one,? I hear you say, but it?s true.

The Queenstown Lakes District Council, much like all councils it seems, can be an absolute nightmare to deal with at times. So, it is with pleasure I am able to inform you all that there is somebody working there who has common sense.

Not only that, they even have a sense of humour!

The Queenstown Lakes District Council are actually pretty good at communicating what is going on around their community. They have set up a great winter road report that gets sent out every morning on Facebook and you can even get it via text message if you wish. This, in an area that is infested with black ice, grit, snow, rockfalls etc, is a really great, handy thing to read over your morning cuppa, before you venture out into the frost to do battle with the tourists on your way to work.

But this is not the good thing I write of today.

For the last couple of years there has been a single corrugated-iron New Zealand flag mounted halfway up the portion of Crown Range Road known as the Zig Zags.

No one seems to know who put it there. It was just kind of cool, in a random Kiwi way.

A couple of months ago a few other signs started popping up to keep it company. People started stopping there to grab a quick photo. Problem was, this really wasn?t a good place to pull up, being right on a hairpin bend, which in winter is usually covered in grit, with petrified Mr Tourist San bearing down on you, having ridden and cooked his brakes all the way from the top.

So, following a couple of complaints, the council pulled all the signs down due to the perceived road-safety issues. Fair enough: it wasn?t a great spot. But, of course, we all expected the signs to disappear forever much like what happened initially with the infamous Cardrona bra fence. It was only sheer bloody-mindedness that saw that iconic fence continually rebuilt and the property owner eventually moved a fence back thus creating a safe space to stop. That fence is now known as Bradrona and even has a secure box for people to donate money to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Awesome. It even has its own?Facebook page.

So the cockles of my heart were well and truly warmed when a post from the Queenstown Lakes District Council Facebook page popped up on my tired old laptop.

Lo and behold, someone with a brain, and perhaps a social conscience, from the council had organised for a fence to be built to house all the flags alongside the existing lookout area at the top of the Zig Zags.

Photo: Whaleoil

A simple gesture, no doubt. It probably (hopefully!) didn?t even cost much to do: five posts, some wire, six bolts, a few hours’ labour and look what we?ve got. An existing spot that has one of the best views in New Zealand, which has easy access and great parking, now has this great wee fence above to further enthral our tourists, bless their wee foreign hearts.

But the best bit: when a local made the comment in a Facebook post, ?Hang on, you?re trying to tell me the council actually did something that the residents wanted… well I?ll be (bad word deleted)?, the council?s communications operative simply replied with this Gif:

Now that?s how you keep in good with your ratepayers, or at least it?s a good start.

Well done, the Queenstown Lakes District Council.