Damian Grant on new arrivals

Damian Grant has a good larrup at annoying the luvvies over new arrivals, but raises some very good points. Quote:

The debate over free speech has obscured the message?Molyneux?and Southern were bringing to our shores:?the dangers of the existing population being displaced by new arrivals and our customs?and?heritage?being superseded by the preferences of these newcomers.?

I would go further. Every year our small nation is inundated with?new residents ? some 60,000 of them.

They are mostly incomprehensible and have no understanding of our culture, our values and our way of life.?Many are incredibly demanding and ungrateful, taking for granted what is provided to them and offering nothing in return.?

Each one adds to the pressure on our already stretched housing market and due to this government’s absurdly generous welfare policies every single one is entitled to free healthcare and education as a matter of right.

There is no stand-down period before?the full benefits of our cradle-to-grave welfare state is made available to them ??a system built up and paid for by existing tax payers over generations.?? End quote.

Damian Grant will probably be under siege right now but, as a man who doesn’t really give a damn, he’ll probably have a fireworks display in celebration at ripping the Y-fronts of the luvvies.?Quote:

For many, New Zealand isn’t their final destination. We are nothing more than a way-station to Australia and after taking everything from us they take their skills and experience off to the bright-lights of Sydney and Coober Pedy.

The costs of these new arrivals is immense. Each one needs to be housed, fed, and?even taught basic hygiene.

Years are invested in teaching them English, a skill that some of them never seem to master adequately, adopting and distorting the language into some new creation that is impenetrable to the existing population.

What is really troubling is how little these people understand about our country. They get here with no knowledge of our history, don’t know the Magna Carta from pur?ed apples and wouldn’t know who Robert Muldoon was if you dug him up and put him in the lounge.

Even the Prime Minister has welcomed one of these insufferable creatures into her home, and despite its constant demands keeping Ms Ardern from her day job she seems quite pleased with it.

Hannah Arendt, the 19th century philosopher, wrote that western civilisation is invaded by millions of tiny barbarians every year:? “We call them children”.

A new-born is a blank template upon which we imprint, or at least we attempt to, our values, language and aspirations for the future.

It’s fascinating to watch this process happening in real time, as a narcissistic little blob develops into a truly sentient creature completely immersed into the world in which they grow up. How well we civilise our little barbarians is never apparent at the time, but looking at New Zealand today, our predecessors did a pretty good job. End quote.

Such an awesome segue, it might assuage the luvvies, but probably not, because we all know what he was really saying.