David Clark is shaping up to be one of the most dishonest ministers ever

David Clark has been caught out again with his dishonesty. This time it is David Bennett who has nailed the minister: Quote:

In a striking admission Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis has confirmed the Government was not bound by any public-private partnership contract despite comments from his senior colleagues indicating it was, National?s Corrections spokesperson David Bennett says.

?When asked specifically about a contract for a PPP between the Department of Corrections and private sector consortium, Mr Davis admitted there had been none.

?This is completely contrary to answers given by the Finance Minister and Associate Finance Minister where they claimed that a contract had been signed under National.? ?

?David Clark said, when asked why a PPP was now being used to fund Waikeria Prison, that ?They [the National Government] signed the contract and it cost $34 million?.

?Grant Robertson subsequently doubled down when asked what date the contract was signed by saying a ?PPP contract for Waikeria Prison was in place and that breaking it would’ve cost significant sums of money to this Government?.

?Both statements are false. No contract was signed by the former Government and certainly nothing costing $34 million.

?Why Ministers would so confidently announce they were bound by a contract that doesn?t exist beggars belief, but isn?t entirely surprising from this incompetent Government. End quote.

They are liars, plain and simple: both Robertson and Clark, but Clark is fast developing form. For someone who is also a Presbyterian minister to be able to lie so easily, one wonders where he learned his ethics from. Presbyterians in my experience?? having been brought up one ? are parsimonious but honest. It seems David Clark missed out on both those traits.

It beggars belief that ministers can lie so openly without sanction. Where are the media on this? Are they still wetting their knickers over the prime minister’s baby?