Does Nicola Willis remember which party she is in?

Nicola Willis thinks she is all that, but the reality is she is a dripping wet pinko all loved up for climate change, and her stupid tweet yesterday shows it: Quote:

A pleasure to receive Generation Zero?s submission on the Zero Carbon Bill and to re-state National?s desire for a climate-change framework with broad and enduring support that drives long-lasting change End quote.

Why even bring James Shaw and Grant Robertson into the discussion; they are the enemy?

She is clearly standing in a puddle, that’s how wet she is.

Does she not know that those morons from Generation Zero are hard-left fundamentalists? What a fool. She’s wetting her knickers receiving a petition from the little no-neck dweebs.

Why suck up to pinkos and the government and virtue signal on climate change?

She should have her membership card pulled and sent back to whatever equally wet job she had before.

Next on the list please; this ninny isn’t fit for purpose.