Don’t act all surprised Twyford… you reap what you sow

Phil Twyford is surprised he was accosted by Tauranga residents angry at his obfuscation on fixing one of the most deadly roads in the region.

Twyford, of course, is copping flack because he is dragging his feet after pulling the pin on a major roading project and people are over his bullshit. Quote:

Transport Minister Phil Twyford was bailed up over funding to fix State Highway 2 while visiting Tauranga yesterday afternoon.

Twyford, in town to visit new homeless housing service The People’s Project, was doing a television interview on Grey St when a woman approached.

She asked him what he was going to do to fix the problems on State Highway 2.

He initially criticised National for doing “nothing” to improve the road during its nine years of Government, but the woman wanted a firm answer on his Government’s plans.

“We’re going to invest in that road,” Twyford told her. “It will be safe.”??

He said the NZ Transport Agency was working on solutions for the road.

Earlier he told media the agency was a couple of months away from announcing funding allocations.

Twyford said he appreciated the community’s concern and said he was confident the “dangerous” and “neglected” highway would be given high priority.

“State Highway 2 and particularly the northern link is a critical artery that so much new housing development relies on.

“We made safety and reducing deaths and serious injuries the number one goal of our Government’s transport policy.

“I expect significant investment in State Highway 2 to better support the urban growth that’s happening and to save lives.”

Twyford said claims by National MPs that the proposed Tauranga Northern Link highway project had been scrapped was “scaremongering”.

He said he expected the Bay of Plenty would be getting a “very significant package of transport projects for the next 10 years”. End quote.

Stop talking about it and start doing something.

Insiders in the government tell me that Twyford is considered their biggest risk, with massive portfolios he has yet to come to grips with. Their informal book suggests he is odds-on favourite to fail first.