Ruthless education union wants partnership schools hung, drawn and quartered

Hung, drawn and quartered (cut into four pieces)

The New Zealand?Education Institute which is the union for primary and intermediate schools has revealed itself to be like a merciless, cold-blooded killer. It is not enough for the union that two highly successful partnership schools have been ruthlessly ‘hung’ by Hitman Hipkins, they also want them drawn and quartered as well! Why do they feel the urge to keep stabbing the cold dead corpse of these Auckland partnership schools and why do they want their bodies burned so that they cannot be reborn as schools of special character?

Radio New Zealand?reports?Quote:

Two Auckland charter schools should not be allowed to join the state system because they are little different to other schools in their area, the Educational Institute says.

In a submission to the Education Ministry, the primary teachers’ union said it strongly opposed the Villa Education Trust’s application to turn its schools in South Auckland and west Auckland into designated character schools.

The schools are among 11 that would shut at the end of the year unless the government allowed them to join the state system.

The NZEI submission said granting the schools designated character status would make it difficult for the Ministry of Education to maintain an effective network of schools in the two areas.

“The lack of any ability to direct a special character school to adhere to a zone is part of the problem along with the transport arrangements that allow students to bypass their local school. Also a factor is a special character school’s ability to sit outside the restructuring that can take place,” the submission said.

“NZEI Te Riu Roa also opposes the application on the basis that neither of the proposed schools offer an education that differs from what is already operating in existing schools serving the two areas,” it said.

Alwyn Poole from the Villa Education Trust said the schools had been singled out because the trust had been such strong advocates of the charter school model.

“I actually think they’ve got a bee in their bonnet because we’re outspoken,” he said. End quote.

This is a malicious act by the union to single out Villa Education Trust. The Trust’s application is none of the union’s business and they are actively trying to destroy two highly successful schools in order to force their happy students back into the state system that rejected many of them and failed the rest. Quote:

Mr Poole said only eight schools made submissions on the schools’ application. He said two of the submissions were supportive, two were mixed and four, from west Auckland, were opposed.

Educational Institute national secretary Paul Goulter denied the union had targeted the trust’s application because of its stance on charter schools.

“Our concern about the Villa application is that the ministry’s required to require an effective network in the areas where these schools are and we don’t think that the addition of Villa schools adds to the ministry’s ability to provide that network of schools in those areas,” Mr Goulter said.End quote.

This is not true and the union knows it. The only reason why a network may not be effective will be because the Union or the ministry choose to be actively hostile towards those schools. ?Quote:

The union’s also made submissions on nine other applications covering ten other schools. It told the ministry it did not support four of the applications and had concerns or reservations about three others including that of He Puna Marama Trust, which owned two Whangarei charter schools.

The trust’s chief executive, Raewyn Tipene, said aside from the NZEI’s concerns, the opposition the schools faced in their early days had disappeared.

“We actually got rung by quite a few of the primary schools who were very happy and we had two of the high schools write in and submit supporting our application and only one objector and that was from the NZEI.

Ms Tipene said Auckland’s high house and rental prices had caused many families to move to Whangarei and that meant there was no longer any concern about the trust’s primary and secondary schools draining students from other schools.

The schools were expecting a decision on their applications in the next few weeks. End quote.

It is interesting to note that due to a? slow bureaucracy and a couple of errors by the Ministry when they sent the Villa Trust’s application details out to schools and the NZEI (with who they had no requirement to consult) they did not, in fact, include the final Designated Character statement. This means that the NZEI response is entirely irrelevant as are any responses that claim that the schools are not that different.

It would also be interesting to know on what basis the education union considers that the schools are not different from an ‘ordinary school’ considering that they have never visited or engaged with?either South Auckland Middle School or Middle School West Auckland at all.

The union also contradicts themselves as Lynda Stuart and the NZEI executive in the past have acknowledged that the two schools are now a ‘part of the furniture’ and that they should have applied for Designated Character status in the first place (an option since denied to the schools by the ministry).

ACT leader David Seymour has said that the teacher unions should stop interfering with charter schools in an attempt to deprive parents and students of choice. He asked, ?How is it the business of teachers? unions which schools are allowed to remain open? Would we let bus drivers decide bus routes? Should we allow baristas?to decide what coffee we need?”

He pointed out that ?Teachers? unions should not have the right to veto the educational offerings parents and children have available to them” and that ?It shows the unions are deeply afraid different educational models might succeed where the state system has failed?