Elon-gating the pain

No, it is not Elon Musk,? but if I tried this I would be elongating pain

The poster boy of the left and saviour of the world with his electric cars is lurching from crisis to crisis.

While SpaceX managed to land two out of three rocket stages accurately at sea, the Tesla story seems to be collapsing, the hyperloop appears to be just hype without any loop and Elon’s world caved in on him after he made defamatory claims when his offer of an impractical rescue sub was refused in Thailand.

Then the left melted down when it was revealed he had donated to the Trump team, the GOP.

To try and salvage some green cred, he has dug another hole, this time for the green machine called the Sierra Club.

After reading this report I attempted to feel sad for the Sierra Club.? I failed. quote.

Elon Musk personally dialed up the head of the environmental group the Sierra Club and asked for help with deflecting criticism over donations that the chairman of Tesla Inc. made to Republicans, according to an email that the head of the nonprofit sent to his staff.

Musk on Saturday called Michael Brune, the Sierra Club?s executive director, and asked that he make public more than $6 million in contributions to the group that had been anonymous, Brune wrote in the email. Musk also enlisted Brune to vouch for him on Twitter to quell a firestorm over the billionaire?s $38,900 contribution to a committee that benefits congressional Republicans including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Brune is now dealing with blow-back within his own organization for complying with Musk?s requests. Two posts from his personal account and one sent from the Sierra Club?s Twitter handle that were laudatory of Tesla?s chief executive officer and his commitment to fighting climate change rankled some Sierra Club staff. They objected to Brune?s defense of an executive who funds Republicans and has bashed the United Auto Workers.

?I appreciate the concerns that I?ve seen online and in email that the tweets may be at odds with our support for workers? rights and defeating the GOP agenda across the country,? Brune wrote in the email to his staff on Tuesday. ?I don?t agree, but I see the risk and understand the concerns. Musk has made unhelpful anti-union statements and Tesla?s labor practices are also cause for concern, so I take your comments seriously.?

A representative for Sierra Club declined to comment. A spokesperson for Musk said in an emailed statement that he is ?committed to backing the Sierra Club in its fight for clean energy and recently asked them to make his support public to reaffirm the sincerity of his commitment.?

?Elon has spent most of his career fighting to prevent climate change and protect the environment,? the spokesperson said in the statement. ?Almost every major carmaker in the world is accelerating development of electric cars primarily because of what Elon and his team have achieved with Tesla. He has also made significant philanthropic contributions to organizations seeking to end the use of fossil fuels, including $6 million to the Sierra Club.?

Musk, 47, defended himself on Saturday in a series of tweets by denying that he?s a top donor to the GOP or any political party. He also wrote that his contribution to a committee known as Protect the House was about 0.5 percent of what he donated to the Sierra Club and said this was ?a reasonable amount to maintain an open dialogue.? End quote.

Cash for access, anyone? Quote.

In another post, he said he donated to the PAC that benefits Republicans ?so that they are willing to listen when I call to object about issues that negatively affect humanity.?

Brune joined the fray, tweeting from his personal account over the weekend that Musk ?has spent his career focused on tackling the climate crisis & advancing clean energy? and that the Sierra Club is ?proud of Elon?s support of our work.?

?There have got to be better topics of debate than whether @elonmusk is committed to climate action,? Brune wrote in the tweet posted from the Sierra Club?s official account. Musk quoted that post and wrote back in a post that he pinned to the top of his feed: ?Thank you for fighting climate change. This affects every living creature on Earth.? End quote.

Oh, look how green I really am! Quote.

In the email to Sierra Club staff, Brune said that it was Musk?s right to request that his previously anonymous donations be made public, and said the group would have granted that request to any donor.

Musk ?asked for some help via Twitter, not about the PAC donation but to buttress the criticism that his commitment to ending fossil fuels was fake,? Brune wrote in the email. ?I agreed.? End quote.