Faces of the day

Photo supplied to Whaleoil

*Research by Sally

Today’s face of the day is no longer a mystery. He was described by a Whaleoiler at the rally as a “hairy guy” who was “the chief shouter downer. Not sure what his brief is. Just opposing people talking it seems.”

Today we can reveal who he actually is. He is Gem Pritchard and he was part of a group of three men who are from the Unite Union. All three were at the free-speech rally but not to support free speech. They were there as counter-protesters.

Screenshot from Joe Carolan’s Facebook page of his friend Gem Pritchard at the free-speech rally.

Screenshot: Whaleoil

Interestingly, Stephen Hassan (on the left) is also tied up with Valerie Morse and the Auckland Peace Action activists who threatened the event and who were used by Mayor Phil Goff as his justification for denying Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux access to council venues.