Face of the day

Anu Kaloti from the Migrant Workers Association

Today’s face of the day is Anu Kaloti from the Migrant Workers’ Association who says that Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux peddle hate speech. Quote.

They are spreading an anti-migrant sentiment. They are against women, gay rights, Muslims. That is definitely hate speech and it is racism. End of quote.

Let’s just break down her comment, shall we?

They are spreading an anti-migrant sentiment.

Lauren and Stefan believe that migrants to western countries should adopt or already share western cultural values. That is not anti-migrant sentiment as most migrants happily integrate and assimilate into the west because they value all the freedoms that a democratic western country gives them and their family.

Both speakers are wanting to discuss what happens when migrants hostile to their new country’s culture and values set up monocultures inside suburbs and agitate for their own ‘country’ within a country where their anti-western values and culture are catered for.

They are against women.

Lauren and Stefan want women to be happy and fulfilled. They discuss statistics that show that many women report being less happy and fulfilled than the previous generation and they discuss what has changed and why more traditional?roles are reported to make women happier.

They are against gay rights.

Neither speaker is against gay rights. They defend free speech for everyone and equal rights for everyone. They merely point out the scientific fact that transgender people (not gay people) are biologically still the sex and gender that they were born with. They also want to discuss the view that transgenderism, like anorexia, is a mental illness and not an identity.

They are against Muslims.

Both speakers disagree with the ideas and values of Islam. They want to discuss the impact of Islamic culture and values in western countries since Islamic law does not give women equal rights and says that gay people should be executed.

Screenshot: Whaleoil

That is definitely hate speech and it is racism.

Neither speaker uses the word hate or uses hateful words to describe any race or ethnic group in a derogatory way. Stefan discusses statistics on the IQ of different ethnic groups, which were compiled by the American army, and Lauren discusses her Farmlands documentary that exposes the widespread and ongoing murders of white farmers and their families in South Africa. Neither of those things is racism. Facts can be disputed but they are not hate speech.