Faces of the day

Digital image credit: Rick H

For those of you with long memories, here is a digital image that may help?take?you down memory lane. Phil Goff and Helen Clark both made the most of their freedom of speech in New Zealand and took part in many protests, including ones where protestors spat on Kiwi soldiers returning from Vietnam.

My father was one of the soldiers spat on by these Labour ‘radicals’. He always told me that their disgusting treatment of him was highly ironic. He, like many soldiers before him, risked his life to defend people at war with an enemy who would take away their freedom of speech.

Screenshot: Whaleoil

Now Auckland Mayor Phil Goff posts photos on Twitter of him standing beside Kiwi soldiers and will not allow conservative speakers to speak at Auckland council venues, denying New Zealanders the freedom of speech that he and Helen enjoyed in the 1960s and 1970s.

Phil Goff and Helen Clark