Never let the facts get in the way of a good rant

Rosemary Mcleod kicks off about the Free Speech Coalition in her latest opinion piece?and then uses the vehicle of free speech to demonstrate to all and sundry how completely ill-informed and ignorant she really is. Quote.

OPINION: It seems I’m as Aryan as you can get, with a DNA test to prove it, but I’m less thrilled about it than Lauren Southern, the suitably blonde agitator who wasn’t allowed to speak at the Auckland Council’s Bruce Mason Centre. […]

The Free Speech Coalition is threatening legal action against Regional Facilities Auckland for cancelling the pair’s proposed gig on health and safety grounds, a decision approved by Auckland’s mayor, Phil Goff. I can see how those grounds would have supporters squeal political correctness, but the odds were against a peaceful gathering, and I doubt they’d be prepared to fund a police presence to protect the wind-up merchants. End of quote.

The jury is still out on who banned first; Goff or Regional Facilities Auckland. It seems that the smart money is still on Goff. Quote.

It seems a bit pathetic that a group of intelligent people would band together to raise money ? they’re not short of a bob, as opposed to your average refugee ? to hire a costly QC to demand a review of the ban. The two Canadians could try their luck appearing elsewhere in town, surely, to stir up white arrogance under the name of pride. What stood in their way? Has Don Brash no living room to lend the cause? End of quote.

A very small amount of online research, or perhaps even a call to the Free Speech Coalition, would have shown Rosemary that it was not the rich fat cats backing this legal action.?Heather Roy gives a breakdown: Quote.

Many people assumed that a few fat cats had written large cheques to fund the legal challenge. To which I thought ? good on them, freedom of speech is worth fighting for. However, the reality is that the legal fighting fund was from small donations received in a very short period of time:

  • 1051 donations have been received to date

  • The total amount donated was $85,000, received over 4 days

  • The first $50,000 was received in 36 hours

  • 97 percent of all donations were less than $300 each

  • 65 percent of donations were less than $50 each

  • 0.9 percent of donations were $1000 or more

  • The largest donation was $5000 End of quote.

651 people gave less than $50.? Yup, sounds like a bunch of rich fat-cats to me.

Mcleod continues her slurs: Quote.

Brash, Michael Bassett, Chris Trotter, Paul Moon, Lindsay Perigo and Stephen Franks belong to the coalition. You won’t see many female names linked to it, which rather suggests a cabal of old white men steeped in the privilege of their gender and skin colour, fearing a future in which their descendants have to level-foot it with people with browner skin and different beliefs. […] End of quote.

Wrong again, Rosemary.? A look at the Coalition website reveals women putting their names to it. Okay, they may not have ticked Julie Anne Genter’s 50% representation box, but the coalition was put together rather rapidly and I am sure “diversity” was not their top priority when free speech was at stake.

Many women, many people with “browner skin and different beliefs” have contributed to the fundraising, but that does not sit well with her ‘Rose’ tinted white guilt or whatever it is she is suffering from.

Apparently oblivious to the fact that it is only the protection of free speech that allows Rosemary to write and publish her own erroneous nonsense, she concludes with Quote.

The Free Speech Coalition is wasting its money. You couldn’t shut them up if you tried. End of quote.