FIANZ president scared of little white woman with an opinion

Lauren Southern (She is packing an opinion and she is not afraid to use it)

Who is scared of a little white woman with an opinion?

Three men, it turns out as well as three organisations.

The first man to get his testicles and tea towel in a tangle is the New Zealand Federation of Islam Associations president Hazim Arafeh.

Murray Wilson/Fairfax NZ Hazim Arafeh, president of Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand.

Arafeh has revealed that the ideas of Islam as held by the Islamic?sect members of FIANZ ( who have excluded the peaceful Ahmadiyya sect from their organisation) are held by people whose faith is so weak that the mere thought of someone publicly challenging and criticising their ideas at an event only attended by those who want to hear her speak has driven them to demand that free speech be denied to a little white woman from Canada, Lauren Southern.

Arafeh has complained that she is “going to insult all of us” and seems to think that he and other Muslims have the right to not have their religion criticised. His faith must be very WEAK indeed if he is scared of a few facts and some persuasive language from two entertaining conservative speakers from the politest country on earth… Canada.

The second man to stand in Lauren’s way is Auckland Mayor Phil Goff who seems to think that he can deny the use of ratepayer-funded venues to her and Stefan Molyneux.

Phill Goff and anti-semitic, misogynist, disgraced Salafist Imam Shaykh Dr Mohammad Anwar Sahib


screenshot: Whaleoil

Goff is using his position as the Mayor of Auckland to no platform conservative speakers. He claims to respect free-speech yet has decided to impose Islamic blasphemy laws on us. Do conservative Auckland ratepayers no longer have a right to access Auckland council venues? I have a?new nickname for Phil and it is ‘Phil I don’t believe in free speech Goff’

Massey University vice chancellor Paul Spoonley

The third man to try to silence the ‘little woman’ is Massey University vice chancellor Paul Spoonley who is described in the media as a far-right expert. Judging by his comments to the media he thinks that anyone who is white and who criticises Islam must be a white supremacist an extremist and a racist which is a handy smear that others like Goff and Arafeh can use to silence conservative speakers (rather than come up with a logical and coherent counter-argument.)

In addition to these men who cannot tolerate a different opinion and a few hard facts from a little woman there are three organisations who have thrown their weight around to ban and to ‘No Platform’ Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux.

The first organisation is FIANZ who want to impose Islamic blasphemy laws in New Zealand. They hypercritically demand tolerance for their Islamic ideas that are incompatible with Western culture and values but they have zero respect and tolerance for the free speech and ideas of non-Muslim speakers.

The second organisation to think that they have the right to shut down other people’s free speech and to force the cancellation of an event is the ironically named Auckland Peace Action. The name alone is enough to tell you immediately that it is a hotbed of ANTIFA style Marxist?activists. ‘Trouble looking for a place to happen’ in other words.

The third anti-free speech organisation trying to silence this uppity little white woman is New Zealand station?Radio Tarana?who has jumped in boots and all to join the activism.

What a lot of pushback for one little white woman with an opinion.

  • A New Zealand Media organisation want her silenced
  • A Bunch of Marxist activists?want her silenced
  • All the Muslim sects inside FIANZ want her silenced
  • The Mayor of Auckland Phil Goff no-platformed her.
  • And the Massey University vice chancellor Paul Spoonley has smeared her as Alt-right and a white supremacist.

As I was writing this article I was notified that Lauren Southern has been denied a Visa by our Ministry of Immigration. The current Minister of Immigration is Iain Lees-Galloway.

Lauren was denied a Visa by the UK immigration service when she tried to attend an event there because she had a stall that handed out pamphlets that?portrayed Allah as a loving and tolerant God who accepted the LGTB community.

Let that sink in for one minute.

The ?racist? leaflets which UK anti-terrorism police cited as the reason to detain conservative journalist Lauren Southern and bar her from entering the UK have been revealed to be leaflets promoting ?LGBT for Islam.?

In the UK they described the act of handing out those pamphlets in Luton as distributing “racist material”

Promoting Islam as a tolerant accepting religion is now considered ‘hate speech’ and clearly, Iain Lees-Galloway heads an organisation that also thinks that spreading a message of peace and tolerance of the LGBT community is hate speech!

Minister of Immigration:Iain Francis Lees-Galloway

To counter the bullies trying to shut down a little white woman with an opinion I started this?petition yesterday?and it is still worth signing. The promoters of events like these need to know that we want them to stand up for conservative speakers and to not cave into anti-free speech activists.

The totalitarian bullies have won this battle but they will not win the war if we push back against the men and organisations who worked together to deny conservatives in New Zealand the opportunity to listen to Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux. There must be consequences for those who take away our free speech and who worked together to deny it to Lauren and Stefan.

I have been told that there is a live stream planned for disappointed fans in New Zealand and I will do my best to get it on the blog as soon as it goes live.